What Kim Kardashian & Other Top Yahoo Searches of 2012 Say About Us


Good news, people! It’s finally almost here! No, not Hanukkah, dumbass, it’s the annual releasing of the top search engine searches of the year! Yahoo was first out of the gate, displaying its tabulations on the top searches earlier this week. Now we’re waiting to see what Google, Dogpile, Lycos, Ask and (chuckle) Bing have […]

NFL Player’s Explosive Tweets Further Proof that Twitter Is Not A Friend To Pro Athletes


It seems like all of America saw the Green Bay Packers get ripped off on “Monday Night Football,” but for anyone who missed it, the Internet has your back. A Twitter post by Offensive Guard TJ Lang of the Packers has hit the stratosphere with an impressive 55,000 retweets in just 45 minutes. The post, […]

European YouTube Partners: Do You Have What it Takes to Become the NextUp star?


YouTube is opening up the NextUp competition to official YouTube partners in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom for them to create a pilot project that demonstrates the best of their creative and storytelling abilities. Judges will deliberate and select the 25 winners from these nations. The contest will run […]

How the 2012 London Olympics Played out on YouTube [INFOGRAPHIC]


As we now bask in the afterglow of the phenomenal 2012 London Olympics, we have a chance to reflect on just what it means to have experienced the first true “Social Media Olympics.” YouTube has provided information regarding the live streaming of the event and it’s massive global numbers on their blog, and NMR has cooked up […]

2012 London Olympics On YouTube: Belly Flops, Crip Walks & Stiff Competition


Making fun of the 2012 London Olympics is in many ways too easy. Sports like trampoline, judo, and sailing feel suspiciously made up. It also seems pretty obvious that the men’s U.S. basketball team is eerily similar to the Harlem Globetrotters, which makes the Washington Generals, well, the rest of the world. As much as […]

Olympic Boxer Joseph Diaz Jr. Scores a KnockOut Through YouTube


Joseph Diaz, Jr. an American boxer trying to win his first Olympic gold medal, knocked out Ukrainian boxer Pavlo Ischenko in the bantamweight opener Saturday. He talked about his hopes of winning the gold to help his family make ends meet, but what was the secret to his successful fight over the weekend? YouTube. Yes, […]

5 London 2012 Olympic Videos that Go for Viral Gold


The London 2012 Olympics are in full force right now, and the Internet is in a frenzy in response the onslaught of news and Twitter coverage all devoted to the planet’s biggest quadrennial display of athletic prowess. When you’re not busy watching the world’s Super Mario-esque blood thirst for shiny gold coins, check out these […]

4 Worst Blunders of the 2012 London Olympics in Social Media and the Internet


It’s been a few days since the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and already we’ve got quite a few social media gaffes — some of them even before the arrival of the Olympic flame at the stadium. Whatever happens at these Olympics, these fails will always make us scratch our heads. Here […]

How the London 2012 Olympics’ Athletes’ Hub Boosts Social Media Engagement


Unless you’re a die-hard synchronized swimming fan, you may not necessarily watch or engage in the Olympics when they happen to roll around every 4 years. It would seem that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) must have recognized this fact, because the franchise has undergone a complete image transformation for the London 2012 Olympics and […]

Five #OvershareFails to Learn From


Remember  when oversharing meant your mom telling your friends that you still wet the bed? Ah, the good old days. Unfortunately For Gen X, Y and even  Z-ers, over sharing can lead to more than a backlash of scrutiny from your kindergarten peers. The consequences of oversharing have become much more severe, thanks to communication platforms that […]

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