Cisco Report: Online Video Will Surpass Social Media By 2017


Online video is growing at a rapid pace and will surpass social media in popularity by 2017, according to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index forecast. Residential internet users worldwide watching online video stood at a little more than 1 billion in 2012, or 58 percent of the world’s internet users. On the other hand, […]

Hulu Plummets In Online Video Rankings — Is The Streaming Site 2013′s Titanic?


Hulu has fallen far. In early 2008 the streaming service was ranked number one on PC World’s Best Product list. During its early years, Hulu was also seen as the next phase in streaming television. It was the answer to the growing concerns that TV executives had about the rising popularity of torrents and the […]

Could China’s Youku Tudou Overtake YouTube in the Global Video Market?


China likes to keep its online video industry in the family, and no company has benefited more from keeping YouTube out of the world’s largest online video market than Youku Tudou. The two streaming giants (Youku and Tudou) merged together last month and is currently the top video website in China. They currently reach more […]

Digital Beats Out TV: NBC Airs Two Show Pilots Online Before They Hit Television


In an attempt to target the online video audience, NBC is offering the pilots of their two new series, the sitcom “The New Normal” and J.J. Abrams’ new offering, “Revolution,” through multiple online platforms like Hulu, iTunes and Amazon Video. They’re betting that releasing the pilots online will generate buzz before their television debut in […]

YouTube & Online Video Dominating TV Screens Worldwide?: What a New Study Says


YouTube and other online video sites are changing how the world gets their entertainment. According to a recent NPD survey about online video, urban Chinese surveyed as the most online video-friendly group in the world, with users beating every other country on every device. In the survey, 73 percent of Chinese urban dwellers watched online […]

European YouTube Partners: Do You Have What it Takes to Become the NextUp star?


YouTube is opening up the NextUp competition to official YouTube partners in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom for them to create a pilot project that demonstrates the best of their creative and storytelling abilities. Judges will deliberate and select the 25 winners from these nations. The contest will run […]

5 Reasons Online Advertising is Catching Up With TV


YouTube and other sites catering to online videos is an increasing target for advertisers. With viral videos and the convenience of watching episodes of your favorite TV show becoming commonplace, the days of avoiding those pesky ads are over. However, for advertisers, they are increasingly convinced that promoting products on the web is just as […]

New Cisco Study Forecasts Upsurge in Online Video Usage


Cisco’s annual Visual Networking Index (VNI) report has just been released, and among its forecasts is the near doubling of online video users from 792 million in 2011 to 1.5 billion in 2016. Cisco Systems is a San Jose-headquartered corporation that produces and sells networking equipment, and their VNI studies are part of their ongoing […]

Top 5 Predictions in Online Video For 2012


Brendan Gahan is the Director of Social Media at Mekanism, you can follow him on twitter at @brendangahan   1. Online video will dominate family TV People are already cutting their cable in record numbers. According to a recent study by the Diffusion Group, which surveyed 2,000 United States adult broadband users, they found that […]

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