1.5 Billion People Will Watch Online Video By 2016 — Thank You, PSY


Apparently, 1.5 billion people will have watched online video in some capacity by 2016, says a new report released by video technology site Ooyala. This might merely seem like a factoid you can trot out as “dinner conversation” on the world’s most boring date, but the fact that roughly one-fifth of the world (ehh, give […]

Will Ooyala Threaten YouTube’s Grip On Video Content?


Ever watched the latest episode of ESPN SportsCenter online or the latest clips from the NBA Finals? Chances are Ooyala, a video technology company founded by former Google employees, is managing that video stream and other video content for big companies like Miramax and Electronic Arts. Now, Ooyala (meaning “cradle” in the South Indian language […]

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