PBS Is Much Cooler Than You Remember, Launches ‘Beat Making Lab’ On YouTube


There was a time in PBS’ history when the network was as square as anything on this planet. With a roster of whispery, nonthreatening shows like “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” and “The Joy of Painting,” it was fairly clear that PBS, at one point, could not care less about looking “cool.” Things have changed recently for […]

PBS YouTube Channel Seeks Funding For ‘Awesome Asian Bad Guys’ Web Series [INTERVIEW]


Action films were huge back when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s. Being an Asian American myself, I couldn’t help but notice some of the actors who shared my ethnic background playing awesome bad guy roles with a level of “badassery” that I looked up to. It’s even more interesting now to […]

Watch This Now: Mr. Rogers Defends Big Bird Against Mitt Romney, FROM THE GRAVE


Mitt Romney picked on the wrong bird. Apparently, Big Bird has some powerful friends, and one of them is going viral from beyond the grave. Fred Rogers, best known to everyone on the planet as “Mr. Rogers,” lives again, as a clip of him is currently blasting white-hot through cyberspace. The video, which shows Rogers […]

Top 10 Romney Hates Big Bird Memes [GALLERY]


Mitt Romney told the audience last night during the presidential debate that he wanted to cut funding to PBS, though he tried to play down the situation by saying, “I like PBS, I like Big Bird and I actually like” the moderator, Jim Lehrer, who is the anchor for “PBS NewsHour.” Now, the giant yellow […]

PBS YouTube Series Has An ‘Idea’ For You [EXCLUSIVE]


Despite Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare coming to many people’s minds when they think of literature, it also has its fair share of short-form works. For instance, the haiku is a very short form of poetry originating from Japan consisting of short amounts of syllables. Those constraints remind us of a modern day social media […]

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