Twitter to Take on Facebook’s Instagram with Addition of Photo Filter Options


Twitter has finally responded to rival social media network Facebook’s buyout of Instagram, and they seem to be saying “Two can play that game.” In an attempt to blunt the popularity of the smartphone photo-sharing app, Twitter will reportedly be rolling out its own photo filtering option “in the coming months,” according to a report […]

With New Social Interface, Imgur Wants to be the Reddit of Photo Websites


If you’ve ever browsed the pages of Reddit, chances are that many of the links to photos on the threads are hosted by Imgur (pronounced as “imager”). The website touts itself as “The Simple Image Sharer” where users can upload their photos and share it on their favorite social media platform in hopes of getting […]

Facebook Buys, Set to Corner the Market on Faces


Facebook really wants to make sure they get the “Face” part of their name down. In a move to do just that, the social networking giant has acquired Tel Aviv-based  facial recognition technology company for an estimated $60 million in cash and shares. In other words, they’re so serious about facial recognition that they […]

Instagram + Hipstamatic: What They Should Do Next


Instagram, that app that lets you take pictures with awesome filters and share it amongst your friends and followers on the social media channels, is finally opening the door just a little bit to collaborators. Sadly, the news isn’t that it will debut on the Android (I’ll get to that later), but rather Fast Company […]

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