Joy Cho On Signing With a YouTube Network, How She Became No. 1 Most Followed on Pinterest [INTERVIEW]


Last month, NMR shared interviews with newest Kin Community partners Rosanna Pansino and Wayne Goss, along with top exec Michael Wayne. There was one person missing, however: Joy Cho. Also a recent Kin signee, Joy was just too damn busy to talk.  It’s not a surprise that was the case considering that she lists herself […]

Pinterest Rolls Out New Features, Makes Itself More Addictive Than Crack


I am not proud to admit this, but like so many great people before me, I, Carly Moriarty Lanning am addicted to Pinterest. It started off innocently enough: a few minutes browsing in between classes, a couple pins before bed, but soon I found myself losing months of my life exploring this wonderland of images. […]

‘Beat Girl’ Web Series Director Takes Novel Approach and Uses Pinterest for Video Uploads [INTERVIEW]


One Pinterest-filled afternoon as I was pinning away my favorite outfits to the folders on my account, I randomly stumbled upon the “Beat Girl” web diaries. After an overload of inspirational quotes, puppy pictures and tattoo designs, this series jumped from the page with its mood boards filled with videos rather than photos. Videos on […]

Can New Social Recommendation Site Snoox Knock Pinterest Off the Board?


Could Snoox, a social media recommendation platform released this week, leave Pinterest pulling up a seat next to Myspace and AOL Instant Messenger to drink their neglected lives away? With an almost identical appearance and appeal as Pinterest, Snoox shares recommendations of just about everything you can share a recommendation on, but Snoox has differentiated […]

YouTube Creators: If You Aren’t Using Pinterest You Should Be


It looks like Pinterest isn’t just for flourless chocolate cake recipes and pictures of wedding dresses anymore. Back in April, Pinterest added video “pinning” functionality to the social media site’s interface. While many initially stayed away from video pinning because of legality disputes, there has been few reported copyright issues. A quick Pinterest search of […]

YouTube Shares Video Ideas On Pinterest


Pinterest has been a creative lover’s dream—it acts like a scrapbook that users can “pin” articles, fashion tips, recipes, photos–and yes–videos from YouTube. Now, almost a year since Pinterest introduced video pins to accompany its photo-sharing and article-sharing abilities, YouTube is officially making its mark on the addicting social media site by adding its own video […]

4 Ways We’re Becoming Digital Hoarders


Have you ever seen the show “Hoarders”? You know, that program on A&E where they profile people who have compulsive hoarding tendencies? Yes, they’ve featured people who have shopping addiction, but some of those featured have gone to extremes like hoarding rabbits or garbage. Yuck. How does this relate to new media? Well, for one […]

Social Media Wars: The Spammer Strikes Back


Like the lady at the greasy spoon in that famous Monty Python sketch, I DON’T LIKE SPAM! OK, I’m not talking about that wonderful meat product, but the unsolicited bulk messages that fill up your inbox. If you have any idea what’s in my inbox, you wouldn’t be surprised with the shameless messages of companies […]

Protect Yourself On Pinterest


Popular digital pin board site Pinterest announced on Saturday that they would be updating their terms of service starting April 6th. The new terms will include a restructured system for reporting images that violate copyright law. Pinterest has been receiving immense pressure from creators in terms of content that is posted without proper reference to […]

Why Ladies Love Pinterest


Have you got a Pinterest invite yet? Well, if you’re a woman, you’re more likely to have heard about this social media photo site at some point. Why do I say that? A recent report pointed out that the vast majority of Pinterest users are women—80 percent. Anyway, those statistics don’t mean that men like […]

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