‘Nice Guys of OKCupid’ Tumblr Exposes ‘Hypocritical Douchebags’ of Dating Service


There is this weird new phenomenon that has come with social media. See, people have now publicly split themselves, Jekyll and Hyde-like, into two very different identities. Formerly this was only done in private (and often left one’s wife explaining that she “tripped down the stairs”), but now with Facebook and Twitter and the need […]

Did you Instagram or Video Your Vote? You Might’ve Broken the Law


I did a random search for #vote photos on Instagram and found more than 559,000 photos with the hashtag. Good job, Americans, you’re fulfilling your civic duty. But for the sake of everyone, if you’ve snapped a photo inside the voting booth or of your prepared ballot, you should know that you could be breaking […]

Could Mitt Romney Mormon Video Doom Him in Election’s Final Hours?


Full disclosure: Mormonism is a kooky religion — I know because my parents raised me Mormon. I hated it and got out as soon as I could. That being said, most of the Mormons I know are genuinely nice people who do amazingly nice things. That they do so because they expect to be handsomely […]

YouTube’s Elections Hub Channel Wants Your Election Day Videos


What if you could document your Election Day experiences that the mainstream media has yet to explore? On YouTube’s latest blog post, the video-sharing site is encouraging users to document Election Day as it happens where they live. This is all a part of YouTube’s efforts to bring a more personal element to the overall […]

Joss Whedon: A Vote For Zomney Is A Vote For The Zombie Apocalypse


Is there anything that sci-fi extraordinaire Joss Whedon can’t do? Probably not, and he’s just recently given his two cents on the upcoming presidential election as well. In a two-minute satirical YouTube video, Whedon states that as a liberal, he was excited for President Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election. But now, he’s making […]

UPDATED: Donald Trump’s Obama Bombshell Is a Dud; Funny Twitter Reactions Are Not [GALLERY]


File Donald Trump’s latest attempt to discredit President Obama this morning as yet another “October surprise” that’s really a dud. For the past few days, America’s favorite blowhard has told everyone and their mother about a “secret” that could possibly change the outcome of the Presidential election. He even talked to Fox News’ “Fox & […]

‘Simpsons’ Animator Skewers GOP With ‘Why Obama Now’ Video


Lucas Gray may be known for being an animator for hit FOX series like “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy,” but it’s his animated interpretation of one of President Obama’s speeches that is giving him buzz on YouTube.     Gray worked on “Why Obama Now” over the course of four months with some assistance from […]

‘Socialist’? Obama’s ‘Redistribution’ Speech Goes Viral on YouTube


Days after Mitt Romney’s “47 percent”  speech became viral on YouTube, opponents of President Barack Obama have unearthed a speech he made nearly 15 years ago asserting that he supports “redistribution.” He made the speech in 1998 at Loyola University in Chicago and user Nick Cruz made it public on YouTube Tuesday. Obama talks about […]

YouTube’s Democratic Convention Live Stream Error: What Happened?


On opening night of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, Michelle Obama fired up the Democratic base by urging them to support her husband’s re-election as President of the United States. However, if you tried finding Michelle Obama’s speech last night on the Democratic National Convention’s YouTube page after the fact, you got […]

‘This Seat’s Taken’: Top 12 Tweets on Clint Eastwood’s Conversation with an Empty Chair


Before Mitt Romney made “the most important speech” of his political career at the Republican National Convention last night, legendary spaghetti western actor Clint Eastwood warmed up the crowd. You would think that he would do the straight talk and tear up President Obama’s record over the last three and a half years. Instead, he […]

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