YouTube Invests In Only 40% Of Remaining Premium Channels, Original Creators Still On Top


YouTube will be saying goodbye (so to speak) to some of their partners while handing over big bags of cash to others in the coming weeks. Over the weekend, YouTube announced that they would begin another round of original channel investing but only to around 40% of their existing partners. Consider this as YouTube’s way […]

YouTube Starts Synchronizing Ad Settings So Partners Can Always Cash In


I’ll be honest; I’ve given YouTube a lot of grief about what seems like their overall plan to replace smaller independent creators with big name celebrities and established YouTube legends. Maybe it’s the inner Marxist in me, but when the little guy gets pushed out it raises the old hackles; also, I can’t stand those […]

Subscribe to MOCAtv YouTube Channel & Get 3-Month Museum Membership FREE


If you subscribe to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles’s (MOCA) new YouTube channel, you’ll get a three-month’s membership for free. This is their way of enticing MOCA visitors to support their latest digital effort, which was launched yesterday as reported through their blog The Curve. According to their YouTube page, MOCAtv is “a […]

YouTube Becomes More Like TV & Rolls Out Episode Guides For Premium Channels


It feels like YouTube is shifting more towards network style programming with each passing day. Within the past year alone, we have seen the introduction of premium channels, expanded partnership programs, analytics updates and near-endless tinkering with the site’s interface. While premium channels are the cornerstone of YouTube’s television-style expansion, the channels won’t attract advertisers […]

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