Does Having More Facebook Friends Equal More Stress?


Facebook has made the user experience extremely problematic over the last few years with the infamous “timeline” addition, its ever-changing privacy settings and now, couples’ pages. But if you’ve got plenty of Facebook friends, your own personal user experience will likely stress you out. According to a survey of 300 Facebook users by the University […]

Watch This: Security Camera Montage Highlights Humanity’s Secret Kindness


In the public’s opinion, CCTV  (Closed-circuit television) cameras can sometimes get a bad rap. Some claim that they are an invasion of privacy, that governments are using cameras to slowly turn into something out of George Orwell’s “1984.” On the other hand, many argue that they are a good thing that helps prevent and solve […]

Privacy is Like Your Naked Body — Overrated!


Two Verizon employees recently got arrested for stealing nude photos off a woman’s smartphone when they transferred her data. Almost daily, we hear about some major corporation’s security that has been compromised, or how some Bulgarian hacker is selling off millions of Facebook passwords. “80% of online photos of kids end up hacked and on child […]

YouTube’s New Face-Blur Feature Allows You to be Anonymous


If you’ve ever committed an embarrassing act on YouTube or took part in a political demonstration that may result in your arrest, chances are you’d rather not have people see your face. In many cases, if you wanted to blur a face, you either used video-making tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, […]

Twitter Announces Tailored “Who to Follow” Feature


Not to be outdone by Facebook’s IPO news, Twitter announced yesterday that they will be experimenting with a new feature that offers users a tailored list of whom to follow. On second thought, they were outdone by Facebook’s IPO news. Notice how when you first signed up to Twitter, they recommended that you follow Justin […]

CISPA: The Rebirth of SOPA?


Although the much-maligned Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA has effectively been defeated thanks to strong protest from large companies like Google and an active Internet citizenry, those worried about the encroachment of the government on the Internet have another concern. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011 or CISPA is the new […]

Download What Facebook Kept About You


Nearly every Facebook user has complained at some point that the company is trying to share way too many things that we post and has put our privacy at risk. But when you post stuff on Facebook, where does it go? Apparently they keep it for undisclosed reasons (a.k.a. to track our every move on […]

Give Up Your Facebook Password For a Job!


We all know that at some point, your employer is browsing your every move on Facebook or Twitter just in case you’re stepping out of line. So much of our lives are public on social media that many of us try to take steps to tone down what we post or what we share. However, […]

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