Qaadir Calls Out YouTubers For Being Fake, Vicious Monsters, Warns Fans Against Believing All They See [VIDEO]


YouTuber Qaadir Howard has never shied away from sharing his controversial opinions with fans. When he made the decision to move back to Atlanta from Los Angeles in April, he inspired his fans with his honest accounts of the hardships he faced trying to make in the YouTube space. As Qaadir stated in a previous […]

Kingsley: My Top 3 Inspirational LGBT YouTube Creators [#ProudtoLove Series Guest Post]


As a member of the YouTube community, I have been blessed with an amazing platform and a special group of supporters I wouldn’t trade for the world. Being a part of the LGBT community within this pool of creators has been just as spectacular. However, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for […]

Qaadir: A Trailblazing LGBT YouTube Creator by Way of Walking the Walk [#ProudtoLove YouTube Series]


Back in 2006, when former ‘N Sync-er Lance Bass was grabbing people’s attention (“Wait, he’s the one that likes dudes?”) and reviving his career (not as a singer, but rather as a perennial “yes” to every single red carpet invitation ever) by coming out as gay on the cover of People magazine, Atlanta native Qaadir Howard had […]

YouTuber Qaadir Howard To Perform First Live Stand-Up Comedy Routine June 26


Timayans assemble! YouTuber Qaadir Howard has just announced that this Wednesday night, he will be performing his first stand-up comedy routine at The Laughing Skull in Atlanta. Having just moved back to Atlanta after spending a year in Los Angeles working solely on his YouTube channel, Qaadir is now testing the comedy waters to see […]

Qaadir Howard on Why He Left L.A. & What All YouTubers Should Know Before Making the Move [INTERVIEW]


There are few YouTubers that we love more than Qaadir Howard. Between his sass and fast-paced banter that keeps us running to catch up, he also never fails to share great insight into the social media world with every interview we have. Recently, Qaadir moved back to Atlanta after moving to Los Angeles last year to build […]

Top 10 Funniest #Kimye Tweets: 2013 Is Doomed After Apocalypse Baby Takes Over Twitter … And Eventually The World


Three days into 2013 and we are already screwed. Though we may have survived the impending Mayan-predicted apocalypse, a new destructive force is headed our way, and it’s clad in Gucci. Kim Kardashian and her current squeeze Kanye West announced this holiday season that they were indeed pregnant with their first child. While the kid […]

YouTube Personality Qaadir Howard Dishes on TYT’s ‘Pop Trigger,’ Celebrity Gossip with NMR [INTERVIEW]


With social media constantly on the brain of everyone here at NMR — true story, last night I had a nightmare about a tweet gone horribly wrong — there isn’t much celebrity gossip being slung around from desk to desk. Trust me, I’ve tried, but engaging these guys in a debate about Kate Winslet’s secret […]

9 Videos to Watch Before the Mayan-Predicted World Apocalypse


As you may have heard through the grapevine, the world is ending tonight. I mean, sure some are skeptical, but when I heard Snooki was having a baby, I began building an underground bomb shelter immediately. If that isn’t a sign the Mayans were right, I don’t know what is. With the 720 minutes that […]

YouTube on YouTube: Shanna Malcolm Interviewed by Qaadir Howard [VIDEO]


Shanna Malcom is known as the comedic right-hand woman of Shane Dawson, the man behind the 8th most subscribed channel on YouTube. Shanna has just launched her own original YouTube comedy channel, HeyYoShanna, which already has 200,000 subscribers. Shanna is funny, outrageous, outspoken. Shanna is going to make YouTube viewers laugh until their appendixes burst. […]

Qaadir aka Timaya | Internet Entertainer


Let’s clock the tea from the top: if you don’t know Qaadir (a.k.a. Timaya), you don’t know one of the true pioneers of fierce, funny vlogging. Qaadir stormed onto a young, crude YouTube landscape over 6 years ago, and the impression he’s left on it since has been considerable. He has irrevocably changed the way many […]

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