Ray William Johnson Announces Date for Final Episode of ‘Equals Three’

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Post by Ray William Johnson. Today, Ray William Johnson announced the end date for his popular “Equals Three” YouTube show on his Facebook page, and it’s a lot sooner than anyone had thought or hoped. This Wednesday, March 12, “Equals Three” will see its final episode go public on Johnson’s main YouTube channel. “Equals Three” […]

Ray William Johnson Explains Why He Will Be Retiring ‘Equals Three’ in 2014 [VIDEO]

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On a recent episode of his podcast “Runaway Thoughts,” Ray William Johnson explained why it’s time to stop the “Equals Three” show that has long been his baby: “Like I’m getting to that point where, not only am I burnt out, but I feel like I need to move on. To put it into context, […]

FremantleMedia Parts Ways With YouTube As More Creators Grow Unsatisfied With Google


For some partners, YouTube is both a gift and a curse. The video platform, on one hand, allows creators to host and monetize their content with literally the click of a button. The downside to this — in the monetization department specifically — is YouTube’s complete control of advertiser relationships as well as the Google-owned […]

12 Real-Life YouTube Couples Whose On (And Off) Screen Chemistry Is Almost Too Much To Handle


Love, is there anything better? It’s the chemical imbalance that makes the sun shine a little brighter and turns even the most cynical of people into giant, whistling Hallmark cards. And while YouTube has arguably become the newest platform for cutting edge web series and personal vlogs, it has also become the home to our […]

Ray William Johnson Makes Jump to TV – Sells Comedy to FX


According to the Hollywood Reporter, FX has given script commitment to YouTube sensation Ray William Johnson on a comedy inspired by his life. As you may remember, Johnson posted on his Facebook page back in January announcing his plans to begin pitching one of his shows to a few cable networks. Looks like he was […]

NMR Responds: ‘The Jenna Marbles Paradox’ is F*cking Lousy


This piece is intended as a retort to Betabeat.com’s article: “The Jenna Marbles Paradox: Why Are YouTube Videos So Terrible?” by Ryan Holiday. No animals were harmed in the making of this response. “Ryan Holiday — [Jeff raises his arms to indicate the vast coliseum that one needs to suspend disbelief in order to imagine […]

Ray William Johnson and Blip Partner To Continue Development Of Runaway Planet


Well done, Blip. If I were trying to take YouTube down, my first step would also probably be to grab the video-sharing site’s biggest name. It seems that Blip is taking a huge step in ramping up their roster of star talent by working out a deal with none other than YouTube’s golden son, Ray […]

Ray William Johnson to Maker Studios: ‘The Lawsuit Starts Now’


Ray William Johnson’s dispute with Maker Studios has hit a critical level this afternoon with the YouTuber threatening legal action against his former home over his Google Adsense account. He made his intentions clear on Twitter: “fyi- All of my contracts with Maker Studios have expired, and theyre still refusing to give back my Adsense […]

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels’ Actual Reach [NMR & Channelmeter Exclusive]


Tay Zonday wrote in an NMR guest post last week that “there is no reliable connection between a YouTube channel’s total number of subscribers and its video views.” He argued that the number of subscribers a channel has does not show how active those subscribers are or if they even log in to YouTube at […]

Shay Carl Raises Over $200K As “I’m Vlogging Here” Indiegogo Campaigns Ends


Last week, after posting an iPhone-recorded update promoting the Indiegogo campaign for the documentary “I’m Vlogging Here,” YouTube vlogger Shaycarl received truckloads of negative feedback from fans and antagonists alike. It turns out that Shay’s fans were none-too-happy about the veteran vlogger asking for funds in excess of $250 thousand when many felt he was […]

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