Rihanna Tops Justin Bieber to Become ‘Most Watched’ on YouTube


S&M is just a little bit hotter than a boyfriend I guess … The social media court of royals is doing a little remodeling today, as Rihanna, the “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer, just hopped over Justin Bieber on YouTube to become the most watched artist. Rihanna already had more subscribers than Bieber — her […]

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels’ Actual Reach [NMR & Channelmeter Exclusive]


Tay Zonday wrote in an NMR guest post last week that “there is no reliable connection between a YouTube channel’s total number of subscribers and its video views.” He argued that the number of subscribers a channel has does not show how active those subscribers are or if they even log in to YouTube at […]

One F-cking Minute: Analyzing the Green Day Meltdown Video


It is not often that I say this, but Billie Joe Armstrong is fucking embarrassing! The Green Day frontman, who just went viral the accidental way, has checked into rehab for substance abuse following a public meltdown at the I Heart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas. And I’m annoyed as hell about it. Green […]

Rihanna, Gaga, Bieber Lead Top 10 Most Social Media Savvy Celebrities [INFOGRAPHIC]


Social media has provided both a launching pad and a jumpstart for the careers of some of the top celebrities of the 21st Century. It is no coincidence that Twitter’s top followed celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Justin Bieber rank in the top 10 on “Forbes Top 100 Celebrities List,” surpassing even seasoned stars […]

Dave Days | Musician


If you have ever doubted the fact that YouTube holds the unique ability to transform lives, you have most likely never met YouTube’s #1 most subscribed musician, 20-year-old Internet boy genius, Dave Days. Since joining YouTube in 2007, the green polo-wearing, Miley Cyrus-loving Dave Days has risen from a childhood spent in relative obscurity in […]

9 Things Social Media Douchebags Do


Trolls, haters, spammers, Chris Brown, Rihanna. Whatever you want to call them, they give a black eye to new media artists trying to promote their works in a positive, popular way. There are many unwritten rules that govern the social media atmosphere, but the most important one is “don’t be a douchebag.” Here are nine […]

Rihanna’s Music Video Causes Legal Trouble

Hip-hop princess Rihanna released her latest single “You Da One” Dec. 23 and fans are buzzing about the latest hit. Since being posted a little over a week ago the video has received 13,888,554 views with 112,524 likes and 16,180 dislikes. While Rihanna may have worked hard to help create “You Da One,” there is […]

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