3 Social Media Lessons Learned from President Obama’s Digital Media Team


With the heat of this year’s presidential election beginning to cool, we the social media lovers now have a chance to really examine the true extent of President Obama’s victory. Now having peeled off the Romney bumper stickers and hung up the Obama posters, it can be said that this election was partly defined by […]

Watch as Mitt Romney’s Facebook Fanbase Disappears In Real-Time


While President Barack Obama basks in the glow of an upcoming second term and his breaking of social media records (with his Facebook photo of him embracing his wife Michelle,) Mitt Romney is slowly disintegrating into social media irrelevance. A new website called “Disappearing Romney” is tracking the steady drop of “likes” on his Facebook […]

Anti-Obama Twitterers Threaten To Move To Australia, End Up Getting Schooled


In the last couple of presidential and congressional elections, a few supporters on the losing side have taken to social media networks to say if so-and-so loses the election, they’re moving to another country. If you’re going to make a statement like “If Romney loses, I’m moving to Australia,” especially if you’re a conservative Republican […]

Election Day Rigging? Voting Machine Changes Obama Votes to Romney [VIDEO]


Election Day is in full swing, and already irregularities are surfacing on YouTube. One voter in Pennsylvania videotaped his experience inside a polling booth. He had difficulty voting for President Barack Obama at his polling station this morning. When he pressed the button, it went straight to Mitt Romney. After pressing the button for Obama […]

Could Mitt Romney Mormon Video Doom Him in Election’s Final Hours?


Full disclosure: Mormonism is a kooky religion — I know because my parents raised me Mormon. I hated it and got out as soon as I could. That being said, most of the Mormons I know are genuinely nice people who do amazingly nice things. That they do so because they expect to be handsomely […]

As The Election Winds Down, Obama Turns To His Greatest Ally — The Lolcat


Let it never be said that Obama’s campaign wasn’t in touch with America’s youth. As Election Day rockets to an end, the fine folks over at the Obama camp have deployed their last-ditch effort at locking in young voters. Is it a reformed health care plan? How about something to help college grads deal with […]

YouTube’s Elections Hub Channel Wants Your Election Day Videos


What if you could document your Election Day experiences that the mainstream media has yet to explore? On YouTube’s latest blog post, the video-sharing site is encouraging users to document Election Day as it happens where they live. This is all a part of YouTube’s efforts to bring a more personal element to the overall […]

13-Year-Old Student Gives Report Cards to Obama and Romney in YouTube Video

Screen Shot 2012-11-03 at 11.48.56 PM

As Election Day nears, both parties are making some big pushes in hopes of influencing undecided voters. I can’t count the amount of political ads I’ve been seeing on YouTube in the last few days. I was browsing through my Twitter feed earlier, and I came across this video where a 13-year-old student named Jenny […]

D’OH! ‘The Simpsons’ Now Sucks: ‘Mr. Burns 4 Romney’ Video Shows Why


I think I’ve figured out “The Simpsons” problem.See, in the sweet old days of “The Simpsons” (circa seasons 3-11) the jokes were so slick and nimble that it made you feel smarter if you got them. You could tell they were written by Ivy League smartasses, but they were accessible Ivy League smartasses that knew […]

Must Watch: Little Girl Cries Because She’s Fed Up With ‘Bronco Bamma’ & Romney


Tired of the presidential election? You aren’t the only one! Frustrated by the hostile antics of Mitt Romney and the President of the United States, Bronco Bamma, this little lady just can’t take it anymore. Forced to tears by her inability to vote and Mitt’s attacks on Big Bird, this pint-size American sobs out the […]

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