Big Frame’s Sarah Penna and Husband MysteryGuitarMan Expecting a Baby


An NMR congrats to a couple of power players in the online video world! In an Instagram post earlier today, Big Frame co-founder Sarah Penna announced that she and her husband, Joe Penna — better known as YouTube’s MysteryGuitarMan — were going to have a baby. In the Instagram picture posted to her account, there are […]

Big Frame’s Sarah Penna & BermanBraun’s Michael Cruz to Discuss YouTube & Brand Integration [DETAILS INSIDE]


Think Tank Gallery, an L.A.-based art space, is playing host to an intellectual salon straight out of the Parisian “Golden Age” tonight. Big Frame’s own Sarah Penna and BermanBraun’s Michael Cruz will be discussing brand integration and YouTube over a cup of coffee (possibly even the space’s Ghost Pepper Mocha). Think Tank creative director and […]

12 Real-Life YouTube Couples Whose On (And Off) Screen Chemistry Is Almost Too Much To Handle


Love, is there anything better? It’s the chemical imbalance that makes the sun shine a little brighter and turns even the most cynical of people into giant, whistling Hallmark cards. And while YouTube has arguably become the newest platform for cutting edge web series and personal vlogs, it has also become the home to our […]

Big Frame’s Sarah Penna Provides 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Signing Network Contract


NMR friend Sarah Penna, co-founder of Big Frame, is known to drop some sage advice from time to time, so when she does, we tend to take notice. Today she unleashed a windfall of crucial knowledge in the form of her “Anatomy of a YouTube Contract: 10 Questions To Ask Your Network.” As Sarah points […]

5 Reasons Why Los Angeles is The Ultimate Hub For YouTube Creators


Ah, Los Angeles. You probably know a thing or two about this city already: there’s the perfect weather, the endless celebrity sightings and Lamborghini accidents, and the famous Hollywood sign that reminds all aspiring entertainers of what they can potentially achieve. For as long as many of us can remember, L.A. has been the place […]

Big Frame Manifesto Distances Company From ‘Unethical’ YouTube Network Practices


It seems at some point in their development, every new industry goes through what can most politely be called a “labor dispute.” Many of these disputes are violent and bloody, as “the little guy” fights for humane conditions and a serviceable wage against more financially-powerful bullies and strikebreakers. Somewhat less often, these labor disputes involve […]

UPDATED: Creators Tell NMR What They Think About the New YouTube Layout [EXCLUSIVE]


After quietly rolling out their new layout to a select few, YouTube finally launched their new interface yesterday. The YouTube Creator Blog says that the new design will help creators “build a bigger, more connected audience by improving new channel discovery, simplifying subscriptions, and keeping [their] fans plugged in and aware of [their] new videos no matter […]

YouTube Channel GirlsGuideTo TV Is Cosmo For Generation Y [EXCLUSIVE]

GirlsGuideTo TV

Since its inception, YouTube has been a bit of a boy’s club. Regardless of vlogging pioneers like LisaNova, Lonelygirl15 and iJustine, the recipe for a successful YouTube channel typically involves a male element. As the YouTube landscape evolves and grows, the need for more female voices is becoming blaringly obvious. Luckily, starting August 8th, YouTube […]

11 Exclusive Tips You Need To Know Before Dating a YouTuber (From YouTubers!)


Hey there, love-lorn YouTube fan or creator. Just because you make or are dating someone who makes YouTube videos for a living, it doesn’t mean you can’t have love. We are all searching for that one true love, as Bon Jovi put it: “I’m burning for love, Filled with desire, I can’t stand the heat. And my […]

Sarah Penna | Big Frame Co-founder


Recently, we were lucky enough to sit down with Big Frame Co-founder and President Sarah Penna at Veggie Grill in Hollywood, California. We learned that mixing flavored teas together creates unique combos (Yum), and also got the inside scoop of what goes on behind the scenes in creating DigiTour. She also told us about her […]

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