‘Naked Emma Watson’ Could Ruin Your Computer


Why must they punish the awesome? Suffering from a serious case of “being absolute dicks,” the people who create malware, viruses and identity-stealing websites have turned against us all by making “Emma Watson Naked” the most dangerous search item on the web this year. To put this in proper context, it is basically akin to […]

Rihanna, Gaga, Bieber Lead Top 10 Most Social Media Savvy Celebrities [INFOGRAPHIC]


Social media has provided both a launching pad and a jumpstart for the careers of some of the top celebrities of the 21st Century. It is no coincidence that Twitter’s top followed celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Justin Bieber rank in the top 10 on “Forbes Top 100 Celebrities List,” surpassing even seasoned stars […]

Celebrity Twitters: Personal Versus Publicist


Since its launch, Twitter has closed the gap between fans and celebrities so that fans now know what their favorite actor, comedian or singer is thinking every second of everyday.However, with all eyes on them, celebrities don’t have the luxury of loosely expressing their thoughts without getting nailed by the media or getting backlash from […]

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