New ‘Social Media Manager’ Degree is One Step Below Toilet Paper


So there’s this old joke that goes: A person with a degree in science says, “How does it work?” A person with a degree in philosophy says, “Why does it work?” A person with a degree in liberal arts says, “Would you like fries with that?” I think we can now change “liberal arts” to […]

+1 Your Way to Search Result Relevancy


Are you a new media artist or brand that’s also looking for your pages to show up at the top of search result pages? Duh. Chances are that if you’re the former, you’re also the latter. After all, showing up early and often in search engine results is an indication of popularity. Remember the classic thought experiment: if […]

5 Forms of Internet Marketing Every Online Creator Needs To Know


Being a successful new media artist does not necessarily mean you are going to be adept in the Internet marketing sphere. Assuming you are an online personality, you are essentially regarded as the “talent,” not a marketing professional. Being educated on the basics of online marketing can help you find more optimal ways to promote […]

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