Tom Waits Is A Tabby: ‘Seven PsychoCATS’ Is The First All-Cat Movie Trailer


Just as I was starting to wrap my head around this little blue marble we call Earth, something like the video below has to roll around and fuck my day right up. Created by artist and director Jim Tozzi (“Wonder Showzen”), “Seven PsychoCATS” is a veterinarian on acid remake of the trailer for “Seven Psychopaths.” […]

Machinima Reveals Madcap Trailer for ‘Seven Psychopaths’ [EXCLUSIVE]


First off, a warning to any dog-loving readers out there: if you like Shih Tzus, read no further. L.S.H.I.D.M.T.A.M.S.F.O (Laughing so hard I dropped my taco and my sombrero), I am only joking! Machinima has been kind enough to let NMR in on the galactic-wide trailer reveal for the new comedy film, “Seven Psychopaths.” Oh, […]

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