Shaycarl Uploads Footage Of New Maker Head Ynon Kreiz Addressing Staff In Recent Vlog


We don’t usually cover daily vlogs around the NMR office, but we decided that the most recent Shaytards vlog entry was definitely worth checking out for a specific reason. This upload is so interesting simply because it opens on a company-wide meeting with the Maker Studios staff. The meeting, as it turns out, is being […]

Shaycarl Teases Smosh Appearance In Upcoming ‘I’m Vlogging Here’ Documentary


Update 5/14/2013 2:50 PM: It’s been brought to our attention that Shaycarl and Smosh were actually getting together not to work on a future collaboration, but instead to film for Shaycarl’s upcoming documentary “I’m Vlogging Here.” It may not be big news to some, but to others (mainly YouTube fanatics), it’s the biggest thing to hit the […]

YouTube All-Stars star in “Star Wars VII” Fan Film (So Many Stars)[VIDEO]


You better watch out, JJ Abrams, because the YouTube Empire is aligning its fleet to take over the “Star Wars” universe. Starring some of the upper echelons of YouTube’s top tier entertainers like Shay Carl, Ed Bassmaster and Timothy DeLaghetto, this incredibly well-produced parody combines three things I absolutely love: “Star Wars,” Disney and YouTube into […]

ShayCarl and Wife Katilette Announce New Baby to Their Kids [VIDEO]


Shay Carl and his wife Katilette used their latest Shaytards vlog post Sunday to tell their kids that they are expecting their fifth child. The YouTube vlogger had already announced at Playlist Live over the weekend that they are having another baby. Their kids asked questions ranging from how they found out about the baby […]

Top 5 YouTube Sidekicks Who Deserve to Star in Their Own Shows


Since the dawn of time, sidekicks have gotten the short end of the stick. Tonto, Barney Rubble, Doctor John Watson, Robin — all great men cast into the shadows of their slightly buffer, slightly more handsome partners. Well, I say no more! No more should Pluto just wait at home while Mickey Mouse is out […]

Shaycarl Announces Last Year Of Daily Shaytard Uploads [VIDEO]


  Big news in the world of Shaycarl and the Shaytards dropped recently as the veteran vlogger announced that this year, his fifth of vlogging, would be the last year of the daily upload. The announcement came two days ago in a Shaytards upload which celebrated Shaycarl’s 33rd birthday as well as the fifth anniversary […]

Matt Damon, Shay Carl Team Up To Save Water [VIDEO]


    Matt Damon and Shay Carl have combined to make a video together. (Kermit flails his arms wildly) Waaaaaaaah! In the sort of delightfully droll “happening” that we are coming to relate with Matt Damon (“I’m fucking Matt Damon,” et al), the master thespian has teamed up with the consummate YouTuber to make vlogging […]

Shay Carl Experiences Fan Backlash After Asking For 250K To Fund Documentary Film


Hundreds of angry commenters made their voices heard after YouTube celebrity and Maker Studios co-founder Shay Carl uploaded an iPhone video last week asking for donations for a documentary film. The film “I’m Vlogging Here” is currently on the last leg of an $180,000 indiegogo fundraising campaign, which was recently lowered from 250k. Carl uploaded a […]

The 2012 NewMediaRockstars YouTube High School Year-End Awards


YouTube is basically high school. You’ve got the geeks, the cool clique, the jocks, the class clowns, and the talented kids who are eventually going to move to SoHo and achieve jackshit. And since no high school would be complete without awards to rank the students and tell them where they stand with their peers, […]

‘He Has Never Been A Part Of The YouTube Community’: Shay Carl Responds To RWJ’s Allegations Against Maker Studios


As news of Ray William Johnson’s feud with Maker Studios over the creator’s Adsense account broke this morning, the number one pro-Maker voice people wanted to hear from was that of Shay Carl. As an original founder of Maker Studios and influential veteran YouTube creator, Shay Carl has become a beacon for people hoping to […]

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