Break Out The Talcum Powder: Episode One Of ‘Smosh Babies’ Has Landed


Episode one of “Smosh Babies” is here, and it is just as insane as you’d expect it to be. Like “Rugrats” meets “Ren and Stimpy,” this is exactly the type of animated series that would come from the hyperactive-caffeine-buzzed minds of Smosh’s Ian and Anthony. The series will be airing every Monday on Shut Up! […]

The Year Of Smosh: How The Dynamic Duo Built 2013′s Most Subscribed YouTube Channel


In early 2011, the main YouTube channel of comedy duo Smosh had fewer than 3 million subscribers. In July, 2011 teen content provider and digital network Alloy Digital acquired the Smosh brand sealing one of the largest YouTube deals in recent memory. Back when Alloy Digital acquired Smosh, the veteran video creators operated two channels […]

Web Series Review: Do’s & Don’ts Episode Two


Episode 2 of “Do’s & Don’ts” hits YouTube screens everywhere May 7th in a frenzy of political incorrectness that only the crew at Smosh would dare to create. It would be easy to classify “Do’s & Don’ts” as comedy designed just to shock a reaction out of viewers. However, once you understand that this episode […]

Smosh Talks With Us About Shut Up! Cartoons


On April 30th, prepare to have your retinas assaulted by pure animated awesomeness. The guys over at Smosh are premiering the first episode from their new YouTube channel, Shut Up! Cartoons, on Monday. We caught up with Anthony from Smosh, who gave us an inside look at what to expect from Shut Up! Cartoons “We […]

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