5 Possible Announcements From Facebook’s ‘Mysterious’ Meeting


So Facebook has announced that they will be having a “big reveal” meeting next week, and already the industry wonks have their tongues wagging as to what this mysterious announcement could be. Is it a smartphone? Is it a foray into the search engine or online music businesses? Is it an expansion of their new […]

White Guy Makes Fun of Indian Culture With Punjabi MC Song — How Refreshingly Novel [VIDEO]


Sometimes things go wickedly viral because they showcase a triumph of the human spirit or someone fat gets whacked in the nuts and falls down hard. And sometimes things go viral because hey, shit happens! This video depicting a doughy knob in a car full of other doughy knobs is more from the latter category. […]

Rumored “Facebook Phone” From HTC to be Released in 2013?


Facebook rumors are about as prevalent as gossip about Kim Kardashian’s love life. For months we have heard about a smartphone that would bear the name of the world’s most popular social network and seen allegedly “leaked” prototypes of a signature blue Facebook mobile device. It would seem that after all the hearsay-driven hype, the […]

UPDATED: Samsung And Social Media?


See update below. With people making exaggerated rumors that the fall of Facebook would happen by 2020, Samsung hopes that its social media network will be a significant competitor to the social media monster. According to The Korea Times, the internal title—aptly titled “Samsung Facebook”—will connect many users via multiple mobile platforms, especially Samsung phones […]

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