Smosh, Break Team Up To Give Hardworking Waitress The Best Day Ever [VIDEO]


Smosh and have teamed up to do one of the most incredible and heartwarming contributions to April Fools Day. Chelsea Roff, identified as a truly deserving and philanthropic, hardworking waitress, was selected by Smosh and to have the best shift ever! Per’s Prank It Forward campaign which does nice instead of naughty […]

‘Smosh Food Battle: The Game’ Raised $250K From Indiegogo — Is That Way Too Much For A Mobile Game?


Just a few thousand dollars short of its $250,000 funding goal and with its Indiegogo campaign expiring in less than 24 hours, it seems like “Smosh Food Battle: The Game” will be a massive success for Smosh and crowdsourced fundraising as a whole. But across YouTube, forums and the Indiegogo campaign page itself, several fans […]

Live Now: Smosh Hosts Their First Ever Live Stream For Six Straight Hours


With less than three days remaining to fund the “Smosh Food Battle” game, the Smosh crew are hosting their first ever live stream. Running for six straight hours, the live stream has been broken down into six segments in addition to a “Blindfolded Makeup Challenge” if their $250,000 Indiegogo goal is reached. Launched on July […]

A Day in the Life of Smosh: Ian & Anthony at Vidcon 2013 & Meeting their Top Indiegogo Donor Superfan [NMR VIDEO DOCUMENTARY]


On the second floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, tucked away from mobs of VidCon fans, Ian and Anthony of Smosh are met by a surprisingly quiet room. Professional, yet personable, the dynamic duo seemed relieved by their hushed reception, grateful to be away from the screaming mobs they’ve spent the last 12 hours immersed […]

Break Out The Talcum Powder: Episode One Of ‘Smosh Babies’ Has Landed


Episode one of “Smosh Babies” is here, and it is just as insane as you’d expect it to be. Like “Rugrats” meets “Ren and Stimpy,” this is exactly the type of animated series that would come from the hyperactive-caffeine-buzzed minds of Smosh’s Ian and Anthony. The series will be airing every Monday on Shut Up! […]

Ian And Anthony Of Smosh Are Huge Babies … In The New Animated Series ‘Smosh Babies’


Here’s some good news if you love Smosh and some bad news if you find either Ian or Anthony physically attractive: Starting Monday, August 12, the dynamic duo will be turned into babies. Not literally, of course — God, you take everything so literally all the time — this is just the premise of “Smosh […]

Smosh Steps Into Print With A New ‘All-Things Smosh’ Magazine


The Smosh brand is expanding a little further … only this time it’s getting physical. By printing a magazine, I mean — not by them joining the WWE as a wrestling tag team (though that would be amazing — their signature move could be the “Smish Smosh Smash” … or, you know, something better). Expanding […]

Sorry Ladies, He’s Taken: Smosh’s Anthony Padilla Proposes To Longtime Girlfriend Kalel Cullen [VIDEO]


Do you hear that? It’s the sound of wedding bells chiming throughout the YouTube world! This past weekend, Smosh’s very own Anthony Padilla proposed to his girlfriend of three years, YouTube beauty guru Kalel Cullen, with a beautiful — and gigantic — diamond ring. Yesterday Kalel uploaded a photo of her engagement ring to Instagram […]

E3 2013: Ian & Anthony Of Smosh On Being ‘Huge Nintendo Fanboys’ [VIDEO INTERVIEW]


E3 2013 has been over for almost a week, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t bring you some sweet, sweet memories. And who better to deliver those succulent memories than the internet’s most dynamic duo: Ian and Anthony of Smosh. NMR caught up with the creators of YouTube’s most subscribed channel to talk about […]

NMR Is Celebrating Smosh Reaching 10 Million Subscribers With A T-Shirt Giveaway! [CONTEST]


Maybe you’ve heard by now, but Smosh, YouTube’s most-subscribed channel (no big deal), recently hit the previously untouched 10 million subscriber mark. Earlier this year, the dynamic duo surpassed previously most-subbed title holder RayWilliamJohnson and have only continued to grow. 2013 has been the year of Smosh. From the launch of the Smosh Games Alliance […]

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