4 Reasons Taylor Swift Owns Instagram


Social media can be a tough needle for celebrities to thread. With millions of followers and thousands of @ replies coming in daily from fans looking for a little bit of attention, the whole enterprise must seem overwhelming. That’s probably why so many celebrities maintain managed, aloof — and let’s face it — boring, social […]

Shay Carl Raises Over $200K As “I’m Vlogging Here” Indiegogo Campaigns Ends


Last week, after posting an iPhone-recorded update promoting the Indiegogo campaign for the documentary “I’m Vlogging Here,” YouTube vlogger Shaycarl received truckloads of negative feedback from fans and antagonists alike. It turns out that Shay’s fans were none-too-happy about the veteran vlogger asking for funds in excess of $250 thousand when many felt he was […]

Amazon Slaps Netflix, Hulu With Metaphorical Glove, Gains Exclusive Rights To ‘Downton Abbey’


When British period drama “Downton Abbey” hit U.S. shores back in January 2011, it debuted on PBS as part of the channel’s “Masterpiece Classic” anthology. The show’s popularity spread like wildfire and would later win a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy. In it’s third season, the ITV British import is currently streaming on Netflix, […]

Should YouTube Creators Ever Delete Their Old Videos?


YouTube creators face an interesting dilemma. Their past work is, until manually deleted, forever frozen on YouTube, serving as a reminder of a time when they were just getting legs under their channels. Sometimes those old videos aren’t exactly up to snuff or they’re simply just embarrassing. If you are a YouTube creator who is […]

Vimeo Adds Content Rating System To Videos, Saves Us All From Countless HR Meetings


Perverts and violence mongers of the world, soon your shame will be known. Well, not really. Video-sharing site Vimeo has actually just rolled out content ratings for creators’ videos. Vimeo is working on making the site more accessible to all audiences, not just those who like a little full-frontal nudity in their video streams. The […]

Twitter Is Down, Sweet Merciful Christ, Twitter Is Down


Good lord no. Twitter is down. I repeat Twitter is down. Early this morning many users began experiencing issues while attempting to use the micro blogging site and its third-party mobile apps. Totally legit non-made up sources have said that the outage is due to “Some weird technical thing.” At the official status blog, Twitter […]

Corridor Digital Unleash ‘After DayZ,’ A Zombie Thriller On An Indie Budget


Earlier this week, YouTube VFX group Corridor Digital released a stunning short film titled “After DayZ.” Diving into the deep pool that is the post-zombie outbreak genre, Corridor Digital’s Sam Gorski and Niko Peuringer have put together a surprisingly deep 9-minute video for two guys who usually work best with blowing shit up. I’ve said […]

‘Jedi Kitten With The Force’ Is The ‘Star Wars’ Cat Mashup You’ve Always Wanted [VIDEO]


It’s been over a year since the VFX wizards over at Final Cut King released their kitten-infused “Star Wars”-inspired YouTube videos “Jedi Kittens” and “Jedi Kittens Strike Back.” With over 10 million combined views, the pressure was on Final Cut King’s lightsaber-swinging felines to follow up with something equally memorable. Luckily, “Jedi Kitten with the […]

LIVE NOW: President Obama, First Lady and Bo Surprise White House Tour Visitors


Only 24 hours after President Obama was sworn in for a second term, people visiting the White House on one of their regular tours got a pleasant surprise from the Commander-in-Chief. The President and the First Lady Michelle Obama amazed visitors by showing up on the official tour, greeting them and having a little bit […]

Chatroulette Be Damned: Why Every YouTube Creator Should Be Hosting Live Streams


Carving out your own niche in the world of online video can be painfully difficult. Standing out among the millions of hours of video uploaded daily requires online video creators to break out and use every tool available to them. Popular YouTubers have perfected the arts of using tags, creating thumbnails and promoting on every […]

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