Triptrotting Searches For The Ultimate YouTube Traveler [CONTEST]


Hey, YouTube travelers! Is there something about your city that you want to share with the world? Triptrotting, which dubs itself as a “global community of world travelers and locals,” is searching for the next Ultimate Triptrotter. They want passionate travelers to submit their videos telling viewers three to five things to do in their […]

Sonia Gil | Webby Award-Winning Host


Knock knock. Hear that sound on the camera glass? That’s Sonia Gil trying to get your attention, and she wants you to check the scenery. Whether she’s running through the streets of Berlin or people-watching along South Beach, her “Sonia’s Travels” YouTube series is dedicated to finding the “secret code” of each city she visits. […]

Travel The World With “Sonia’s Travels” Top 5 YouTube Videos


Called by some the “Fairy Godmother of Travel,” Sonia Gil never imagined herself traveling for a living. In fact, if you had told her five years ago that she would not only be traveling but creating travel videos for a fan base of over 11,000 subscribers, she would have scoffed at this accusation, placed her […]

NMR Exclusive: The “Secret Code” of “Sonia’s Travels”


When we think about travel shows on cable television, it follows a predictable formula: Go see interesting landmark, visit so-and-so for your shopping, eat at this restaurant for a wonderful meal and relax at this hotel. However, if you’re entrepreneur Sonia Gil, she uses her weekly YouTube series “Sonia’s Travels” as a way to find […]

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