‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ To Take Place On Modern-Day Earth — ‘Leaked Footage’ Goes Viral

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Okay, this footage is a damn lie and everybody knows it, but so what? Considering the saga starts off with the message “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” it should come as no surprise that this CGI-enhanced video taken at the Frankfurt airport in Germany doesn’t reflect any imagery from the […]

‘Star Wars’ Is Already Being Cheapened With A Charity Tie-In — But You Could Be In The New Movie [VIDEO]

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Ugh, this might be worse than that “Star Wars” Christmas Special … A long, long time ago in a galaxy not so far away at all, the Galactic Empire known as Disney sought to whore every aspect out of the “Star Wars” name to the point where it was just a bastardized shell of a […]

Controversial Meme Sparks Social Media Disaster for Black Milk Clothing Company


A seemingly harmless meme has enflamed the pits of female geekdom fury everywhere. Self-proclaimed “geeky” online clothing retailer Black Milk celebrated the beloved “Star Wars” holiday of “May the Fourth Be With You” on May 4 by posting a meme to their Facebook page that compared the expectation of looking like a geeky goddess with […]

Disney’s Plan For Maker Studios? Star Wars


Good, that headline was just cryptic enough to drag you in here … See Bob Iger, CEO at Disney, just released his bold new plan for Maker Studios, and that plan seems to be long and short-form video content revolving around “Star Wars.” Since they bought the property last year (LucasFilm, not Maker), it has […]

Classic ‘Star Wars’ Blooper Reel Leaked Onto YouTube — Watch While You Can [VIDEO]


The Mouse House’s purchase of the “Star Wars” franchise just keeps on giving: one of their editors, scraping the bottom of the barrel for old archival footage, has now posted a blooper reel on YouTube. The footage was first displayed at Comic Con, but no word on whether it is an authorized posting (as it […]

Lindsey Stirling And Peter Hollens Duet The Hell Out of ‘Star Wars’ For Geek Week [VIDEO]


This is one of those statements I never guessed I’d make, but Lindsey Stirling plays the violin sexier than anyone I have ever seen. Like it boggles my mind these sort of vicious thrusts and turns she makes as she drags her bow across the strings. In short, Lindsey Stirling just became the hottest part […]

CineFix Gives The Famous ‘Star Wars’ Trench Run Scene The Homemade Treatment [VIDEO]


Is there a more iconic sci-fi movie scene than the Death Star trench run from “Star Wars?” That’s a rhetorical question because the answer is: “No, there is not.” The folks over at YouTube channel CineFix are back with another addition of “Homemade Movies.” This time, the cardboard-infused treatment has been given to the famous […]

Hilarious ‘Star Wars’ Elevator Prank, Um, Forces You To Laugh [VIDEO]

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This anecdote sums the whole “Star Wars thing” up nicely: I had a buddy who LOVED “Star Wars” — knew all the trivia, had a “Boba Fett”-inspired tattoo and pretty much every collectible George Lucas ever merchandised. He wanted so badly for “Star Wars” to be real and for Darth Vader to be HIS father. […]

‘Star Wars’ AT-AT Walkers Photobomb Toronto Bridal Party


A couple weeks ago, photographer Quinn Miller created what could be described as “the best wedding photograph of all time.” Miller photoshopped a T-rex into a Lousiana bridal party’s wedding photo and made the dinosaur look like it was terrorizing them. The photo quickly went viral. Now, Toronto-based photographers Danielle and Tony Lombardo have something […]

‘Star Wars Kid’ Ghyslain Raza Breaks 10-Year Silence In New Magazine Interview


10 years and over 1 billion views later, Ghyslain Raza aka “Star Wars Kid” has broken his longtime silence in an interview with Canadian publication Maclean’s. The issue, which is on shelves today, details Raza’s struggle as one of the internet’s most highly-ridiculed viral phenomenons. In 2002, using his school’s AV room, Raza recorded himself […]

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