VLC Video Player Lets You Play YouTube Videos Ad-Free


People check out YouTube videos all the time without thinking about how they can get a better user experience. Many third-party applications try to fill a need for an enhanced YouTube experience with better lighting, editing tools and much more. Did you know that VLC, the useful video player that supports nearly every video format, […]

Pandora Beware: Apple to Start Streaming Music Online


Since their business model is to stream relevant music to their listeners, Pandora employees should be hearing the “JAWS” theme in their headphones right about now. According to the sort of whispered speculation that now precedes any major event, Apple is looking to enter the streaming music business. Though Apple hasn’t released any formal notice, […]

How to Leverage Live Streaming For Fan Engagement (and Prosper) on YouTube


Live Stream and Prosper It’s no secret (unless you haven’t been reading our weekly features with YouTube’s top talent) that audience interaction and maintaining a strong connection to your fans via social media is a key element to any successful YouTube channel. Shay Carl wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for his […]

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