New Study Says Facebook Can Boost Self-Esteem


Looking at one’s own Facebook profile could boost self-esteem, a recent study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison pointed out as reported by LiveScience. Catalina Toma, the assistant professor of communication arts who headed the study, examined Facebook users’ reactions and concluded that their self-esteem improved after looking at their own profiles for five minutes. Toma […]

Study Says 71 Percent of Facebook Users Self-Censor Their Posts


Do you worry before you post on Facebook about what other people might think of your status update? You’re not alone. According to a recent study by Carnegie Mellon University which surveyed around 5 million Facebook users in the United States and the United Kingdom, 71 percent of those surveyed said they had self-censored at […]

YouTube & Online Video Dominating TV Screens Worldwide?: What a New Study Says


YouTube and other online video sites are changing how the world gets their entertainment. According to a recent NPD survey about online video, urban Chinese surveyed as the most online video-friendly group in the world, with users beating every other country on every device. In the survey, 73 percent of Chinese urban dwellers watched online […]

Internet Skeptic? New Study Says You’re Not Alone [INFOGRAPHIC]


Whenever I was assigned a research paper in college, the syllabus usually stated in bold face type that Internet sources were to be from a reliable source, with relevant dates and accurate information. My first thought was always ”Easier said than done, Teach.” Unfortunately, it can be up to the luck of the draw when […]

Tweeting About Yourself Better than Money and Sex


A group of neuroscientists at Harvard University AKA “nerds that study your brain” have determined why you post so much about yourself AKA “cool story, bro” on social media networks (it’s been shown that around 80% of all social media posts are announcements of an individual’s own immediate experience). In their study, the neuroscientists proved that […]

Twitter Study Shows Unhappy Users


The Twitter weather forecast has been quite gloomy as of late, with a steady decline in happiness since 2009, a study from the University of Vermont shows. According to, researchers at UVM gathered a total of 46 billion words that were incorporated in Twitter users’ 140-character tweets and “had users of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk […]

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