Philip DeFranco’s Financial Advisor Talks the Revision3 Deal, The Future of YouTube and Networks [INTERVIEW]


On Thursday, Revision3 acquired YouTuber Philip DeFranco’s channels — including SourceFed and his original YouTube channel Sxephil — and made DeFranco a part of their programming team as senior vice president of Philip DeFranco Networks and Merchandise. One of the key players in the high-profile transaction is Mike Bienstock, CEO of Semaphore Financial Solutions, a […]

YouTube Partner Program’s Margaret Healey Transfers to Google Fiber


After more than six years with the YouTube Partner Program, Margaret Healy is moving to Google Fiber to be a part of their business development. She made the announcement on her Google+ page early this morning, thanking content creators for their work over the years. Healy said, “I wanted to thank all you content creators for making work so […]

YouTube’s Philip DeFranco & SourceFed Cast Talk 500,000 Subscriber Milestone


Since it launched in January, the Philip DeFranco-created YouTube channel SourceFed has risen to be one of the fastest growing premium channels in digital entertainment. SourceFed has been so incredibly successful that the channel will most likely hit 500,000 subscribers by the time you read this sentence. Half a million subscribers in seven short months […]

Philip DeFranco aka sxephil goes LIVE on Youtube


Yesterday at 1pm PST, Philip DeFranco aka sxephil took the leap into the live streaming world using YouTube’s elusive “partners only” live-streaming platform to answer questions and speak with fans in real time via his YouTube channel. Phil was, as usual, funny and engaging, and it was great to be able to see the more […]

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