YouTube Tentpole Has Oscar Fever With Taryn Southern & Wayside Creations [VIDEOS]

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So YouTube, always innovating and keeping NMR flush with stories, has done a sick (sick means good, brah) thing with the YouTube Space L.A. Starting their tentpole program, they seek to provide a series of culturally relevant stages to essentially give YouTubers a prop to work with in the form of a fun location. As […]

Taryn Southern Takes You Into YouTubers’ Houses ‘Cribs’-Style with New Look TV Shows [INTERVIEW]

Taryn Southern

Ever wondered what it was like to be in your favorite YouTuber’s house? Have you been stalking that YouTuber and secretly mapping out a plan to break in and hide in their closet for the right moment to profess your love of their work, Kathy-Bates-in-“Misery”-style? Don’t worry, because you’re not alone (have you seen the […]

AwesomenessTV Releases First Episode of Chester See Musical Series ‘Side Effects’


Back in April when we interviewed YouTube heartthrob Chester See, he teased his starring role in one of AwesomenessTV’s upcoming “temple shows,” a musical called “Side Effects” that he compared to 90s TV’s “Party of Five.” See told NMR about the show: So the family is this broken family and what not; it’s a drama, […]

Taryn Southern Treats Fans To Video Of Her Darkest Secrets In Celebration Of Reaching 200K Subscribers


In celebration of reaching 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, comedian and vlogger Taryn Southern is treating fans to a very personal video in which she shares 20 disturbing facts about herself. Taryn is one of those rare creators that seems to do it all — sing, act, write and produce — yet still chooses […]

You’re Going to Hollywood: Top 7 YouTube Musicians Who Once Competed On ‘American Idol’


You’re going to Hollywood baby! In the audition room for “American Idol,” before the critical eyes of judges Simon, Paula and Randy, singers from all across the country have come to stand with the hope of receiving the golden ticket. Many prominent YouTube musicians who have graced the stage of “American Idol” during the early […]

Taryn Southern, Julia Price Spank the Boys in Sexy ‘Blurred Lines’ Cover [VIDEO]


When I first saw that Taryn Southern and Julia Price did a cover of Robin Thicke’s controversial “Blurred Lines,” music video, my first thought was, “Well, this is going to suck.” I imagined a white backdrop in which the girls would be surrounded by chumps in their underwear as Taryn and Julia objectified them — […]

Taryn Southern, Alex G’s ‘I Love It’ Music Video is Hotter Than McDonald’s Coffee [VIDEO]


Taryn Southern and Alex G have teamed up to cover an infectious song by Swedish duo Icona Pop called “I Love It.” When one of the documented hottest girls on the internet (so what if I’m the one doing the documenting?) and her hot fellow YouTuber friend make a music video, you know I’m going […]

Top 15 YouTubers Without Makeup Might Shock You [GALLERY]


It is said that only 12 percent of the population are truly strikingly, traffic-stoppingly beautiful. For the rest of us 88 percent, we get a little help from our friends — those friends being CoverGirl, L’Oréal and the bottles of wine we keep in our fridge. While each morning we strive to capture the “I […]

‘The Women of L.A.’ is Hot, Hilarious, Accurate New Video


  Meet DJ Lubel — you’ve probably seen him popping up around YouTube videos as “generic nerdy guy,” especially if you watch Taryn Southern’s music videos (rawr!). But perhaps unbeknownst to you, he is a creator himself and now, clearly, he is one to be reckoned with. Just dropping his new music video, “The Women […]

NMR First Look: YouTube’s L.A. Creator Lab Winter Class of 2013


“Scrumtrulescent” doesn’t begin to describe the pop culture potential for the next few years as NMR brings you your VERY FIRST LOOK  at the selected candidates for the 2013 Winter class of YouTube Creators. Culled from thousands of submissions, these 23 inductees will be allowed free access to the YouTube Space — a brand new […]

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