Taylor Swift Attacked At The Grammy’s By ‘Street Fighter’s’ Ryu: I Think I Remember This … [VIDEO]

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Mark my words: as art and literature and television have gone through their “periods” and their “eras,” so too shall YouTube. I believe this video, coupled with a few others — notably the Taylor Swift with screaming sheep video will become an important period in the YouTube landscape: the “Taylor Swift Getting Fucked With” era. […]

Viral Twitter ‘Feminist Taylor Swift’ Mashes Up Swift’s Lyrics And Feminist Messages


Twitter has a new superwoman this week, and she is taking names and kicking ass. The Twitter account Feminist Taylor Swift combines Swift’s song lyrics with feminist messages concerning equal pay, gender, slut shaming and more. The creator of the Twitter, Brown University senior Clara Beyer, stated in an interview with Buzzfeed: “I consider myself […]

Screaming Nic Cage ‘Guests’ on Taylor Swift ‘Trouble’ Meme [VIDEO]


And the meme train keeps rolling along. Taylor Swift is on the cusp of becoming an internet joke. Well, a bigger internet joke than she already maybe is. First it started with the delightful and always funny “screaming sheep” meme doing vocal fills on her hit song, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Now Nic Cage […]

Taylor Swift? One Direction’s Harry Stiles Takes A Shoe To The Nuts Onstage [VIDEO]

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  So over 700,000 people have now tuned in to watch Harry Stiles, a singer in the band One Direction, get nailed in the balls by a flying shoe. It’s a beautiful clip too because the band is onstage whining about one thing or another, and this shoe just comes sailing in and seems to […]

Top 10 Funniest #Kimye Tweets: 2013 Is Doomed After Apocalypse Baby Takes Over Twitter … And Eventually The World


Three days into 2013 and we are already screwed. Though we may have survived the impending Mayan-predicted apocalypse, a new destructive force is headed our way, and it’s clad in Gucci. Kim Kardashian and her current squeeze Kanye West announced this holiday season that they were indeed pregnant with their first child. While the kid […]

Walk Off the Earth’s Viral Cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Better Than Original [VIDEO]


Canada’s most famous cover band, Walk off the Earth, have impressed millions with their low-budget YouTube videos covering hits like Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and Adele’s “Someone Like You.” The video for “Somebody That I Used to Know” was a massive hit for them — the video has more than 143 million […]

Watch This: Rock Class Performs Taylor Swift Song Better Than Taylor Swift


Anytime I watch a YouTube video consisting of a bunch of kids doing stuff, I always try and spot the losers. Maybe I’m just finding the young Jeff Klimas in the crowd — the oblivious nose-pickers, the kids with the permanent Kool-Aid stain around their mouth, or the ones wearing a stained hand-me-down promo shirt […]

Watch This Now: Using Taylor Swift Lyrics to Pick Up Random Women


Like watching your awkward little brother discover boobs for the first time, Tommy Woodbridge’s video, “Taylor Swift Pick Up Lines,” puts our favorite Taylor Swift lyrics to the ultimate test: finding him a girlfriend. Whipping out his guitar, shouting at couples in the park and cozying up to girls sitting by a lake, Tommy, unable […]

Taylor Swift to Perform At a School For the Deaf? 4chan and Reddit Users Say ‘Yes’


Holding a voting-based contest has become a lot more susceptible to hooliganism in the days of the Internet. It seems country pop star Taylor Swift is the latest celebrity to be trolled by social websites 4chan and Reddit. After announcing a contest in which Taylor Swift would play a private show for any school with […]

Taylor Swift to Hold Live YouTube Webcast Chat with Fans #August13


Got any questions for Taylor Swift? She’s all ears this Monday as she hosts a live webcast on YouTube. The show will start at 7pm ET/4pm PT and will be a great opportunity for fans to ask any questions they have for her and get some “really cool news” from the top county singer herself. […]

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