Blinding Us With Science: Vsauce Drops Knowledge Bombs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


We at NMR are always pumped to see one of YouTube’s stars getting a share of the TV limelight. Naturally, we were stoked last night when we turned on Jimmy Kimmel and saw none other than Vsauce front man and YouTube nerd impresario Michael Stevens occupying the “Live” couch. Stevens brought his trademark wit and […]

Must-Watch Video: TV Police Chase Becomes Crazy Interactive


I think one thing resonates above all else when you watch this fantastic YouTube video: Why the hell is this guy filming his tv in the first place? I think that the logical answer is that he recognizes the area being broadcast on the TV, and wanted to do that sort of “Hey honey, look […]

Kimmel, Tracy Morgan Prank Twitter Users At Emmy’s [VIDEO]


There were exactly two events at last night’s otherwise ho-hum Emmys that applied to the social media landscape: Tracy Morgan’s “pass out” and Claire Dane’s “holla!” Morgan, formerly the brilliant “Astronaut Jones” on SNL, now of “30 Rock,” was “innocently selected” by Emmy host Jimmy Kimmelto participate in an ABC advertisement masquerading as a social […]

Digital Beats Out TV: NBC Airs Two Show Pilots Online Before They Hit Television


In an attempt to target the online video audience, NBC is offering the pilots of their two new series, the sitcom “The New Normal” and J.J. Abrams’ new offering, “Revolution,” through multiple online platforms like Hulu, iTunes and Amazon Video. They’re betting that releasing the pilots online will generate buzz before their television debut in […]

YouTube & Online Video Dominating TV Screens Worldwide?: What a New Study Says


YouTube and other online video sites are changing how the world gets their entertainment. According to a recent NPD survey about online video, urban Chinese surveyed as the most online video-friendly group in the world, with users beating every other country on every device. In the survey, 73 percent of Chinese urban dwellers watched online […]

Legendary Fitness Guru John Basedow on his Transition from TV to YouTube [INTERVIEW]


Fitness guru, actor, news reporter, host and creator of “New Media Stew,” Christmas rapper and Urban Dictionary’s definition of immortality — these are the numerous hats that “Fitness Made Simple” founder turned YouTube convert John Basedow wears on a daily basis. Diving into the digital content scene in 2009, Basedow created his YouTube show “New […]

YouTube Channel ‘Just Kidding’ Pranks Set for Disney XD [INTERVIEW]


YouTube channels have three realistic outcomes when it comes to success on the video-sharing site. A channel can end up receiving premium partnership and YouTube support, or they can put out content week after week and still never truly gain mainstream popularity. Both results are risky at best, especially in light of the fact that YouTube […]

YouTube Gets In The Game With Their New App For The PS3


If you’ve been trying to find a way to get kick your Playstation 3 Netflix addiction, look no further than the console’s new YouTube app. YouTube’s blog announced the release of the free app today for North American users, which you can find in the Playstation Store. One interesting feature found on the PS3 app […]

YouTube, Live Streams, TV & ‘New Media’: The Year of Living Digitally [GUEST POST]


Byron Austen Ashley is a digital producer based out of Los Angeles.  A recent graduate of the Northwestern University School of Communication, Byron works for the Big Frame network, serving as an Associate Producer for Dave Days and as a Production Coordinator for DeStorm Power.  In 2010, Byron was nominated for Best College Student Production – […]

More TV Viewers Are Watching Online Video


When it comes to engaging viewers about current television programming, “multi-screen” consumers—those who watch both television and online video sites like YouTube—spend the most time looking at content, according to a latest survey by Comscore. The company, which specializes in Internet marketing research, surveyed 10,000 consumers and found out that viewers who watched both television […]

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