NMR’s New BFFs: The Young Turks Score $4 Million Payday In First Investment Round


Sometimes I feel like an anchorman who has to abruptly change his emotional dial when I write stories — “Now in happier news …” going from a sad story right into a happy one. The Young Turks, beloved NMR friends, have become even closer and more meaningful to us with the announcement that they are […]

Rise of the News Titans on Streaming: The Young Turks Are Doing The Hulu Hula


The little engine that could, The Young Turks, just keeps on chugging upwards … Breaking news today reveals that TYT Network has just solidified its presence on Hulu with the addition of two half-hour shows: The Young Turks and PopTrigger. The Young Turks, the news/commentary wing of the TYT empire and PopTrigger, its entertainment sector […]

The Young Turks To Hold 24-Hour Live Stream As Thanks For Successful Indiegogo Campaign

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 6.50.10 PM

To celebrate the success of their recent Indiegogo campaign (despite what some people felt about it), The Young Turks are holding a 24-hour livestream event from Dec. 5 to Dec. 6 as a sort of thank you to all the folks who contributed money to The Young Turks’ cause. And even though I didn’t contribute […]

‘Homeless’ YouTuber Calls Out Young Turks For ‘Unethical’ Indiegogo Campaign [Op-Ed]

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Let it never be said that NMR isn’t a voice to “the little people.” We are the little people — and until I have my yacht that I do blow off of with transgender prostitutes and Chinese circus folk, I will continue to consider us as such. As such, we spotlight YouTuber stories, concerns and […]

The Young Turks Are Fundraising For The Sanctity of Independent Journalism at Indiegogo


I’ve always thought of The Young Turks as NMR’s big brother. They shine the beacon of journalism and combine it with new media in an attempt to make the world glow a little brighter. We at NMR just try to keep the shit from falling into the fan too often. It’s usually the other way […]

The Young Turks Network Launches Roku Channel, Smartphone Apps


The Young Turks Network announced that it has partnered with digital video technology company OneScreen to launch its channel on the Roku streaming device today. The TYT Network channel features clips and full episodes from its flagship series “The Young Turks” as well as programs from its other channels like TYT Sports, TYT University and […]

YouTube And The Young Turks Throw The Best PRIDE Party On Earth [GALLERY]


Within the industrial hangar that is now the appropriated YouTube Creator Space L.A., The Young Turks and YouTube joined forces to celebrate Pride last evening. Kicking off with a live recording session of Dave Rubin’s “The Rubin Report,” The Young Turks and YouTube PRIDE party assembled the best and brightest both on and off YouTube […]

TYT Networks Launches New ‘TYT Investigates’ YouTube Channel


The Young Turks channel reached 1 billion YouTube views last month, and the TYT Network is still just getting started. Earlier this month, it was one of the first networks to launch a subscription fee-based YouTube channel called TYT Plus. Now it’s collaborating with the Center for Investigative Reporter to produce an investigative news series, […]

The Young Turks Add Dave Rubin & Cara Santa Maria To Their Network


  I’ve been on a Young Turks binge lately, just absorbing anything and everything by the seminal online news network. And now, they’ve given me more to cover: In the aftermath of their 1 billion views party, they’ve now grown their on-air talent by two. Lending credence to the notion that The Young Turks are […]

The ‘Bill Gates of YouTube’? The Young Turks Hit A Billion Views [VIDEO]


Spitting in the face of detractors who said the Young Turks would never hit a billion views (me!), the sometimes controversial, always interesting political and news commentary show has just hit that very milestone. In a class of its own — seriously, it’s the only news and politics show to carry this sort of online […]

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