Dormtainment and Timothy DeLaGhetto Rap About The Sexiest Part Of A Woman In New Music Video


Dormtainment, the creators behind the YouTube music video “Ass on the Internet,” are drawing attention to another part of the female body, and this time they are getting some help from fellow YouTuber and ladies’ man Timothy DeLaGhetto. In their newest music video collaboration, the guys rap about the sexiest part of the female body […]

YouTube All-Stars star in “Star Wars VII” Fan Film (So Many Stars)[VIDEO]


You better watch out, JJ Abrams, because the YouTube Empire is aligning its fleet to take over the “Star Wars” universe. Starring some of the upper echelons of YouTube’s top tier entertainers like Shay Carl, Ed Bassmaster and Timothy DeLaghetto, this incredibly well-produced parody combines three things I absolutely love: “Star Wars,” Disney and YouTube into […]

Maker Studios and Viddy Team Up For ‘Viddy-O Show’ YouTube Series [INTERVIEW]


Video app Viddy is reaching out to a larger audience through a collaboration with Maker Studios on “Viddy-O Show,” a new web series that features NMR friend and comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto, prankster Ed Bassmaster, dancer Nathan Barnatt and comedienne Glozell to curate the funniest home videos on the web as shared by Viddy users. The […]

Timothy DeLaGhetto Joins 5th Season of Nick Cannon’s ‘Wild ‘n Out’


After a six-year hiatus, Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘n Out” is getting a new lease on life. The relaunched show will air on MTV2 this year and feature YouTube comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto (aka Traphik) along with many other comedians for its fifth season. DeLaGhetto has been tweeting updates this past week about his two-week trip to […]

The Fine Bros., Philip DeFranco, More YouTubers Weigh in on RWJ & Maker Studios Feud


If the dispute between Maker Studios and Ray William Johnson taught us anything about the YouTube community, it was that this is still a very young industry. Some networks and creators are still far away from building airtight relationships. The falling out of two of YouTube’s biggest players clearly drove this point home. As this […]

YouTube Partner Program’s Margaret Healey Transfers to Google Fiber


After more than six years with the YouTube Partner Program, Margaret Healy is moving to Google Fiber to be a part of their business development. She made the announcement on her Google+ page early this morning, thanking content creators for their work over the years. Healy said, “I wanted to thank all you content creators for making work so […]

11 Exclusive Tips You Need To Know Before Dating a YouTuber (From YouTubers!)


Hey there, love-lorn YouTube fan or creator. Just because you make or are dating someone who makes YouTube videos for a living, it doesn’t mean you can’t have love. We are all searching for that one true love, as Bon Jovi put it: “I’m burning for love, Filled with desire, I can’t stand the heat. And my […]

Maker Studios Goes Old Hollywood: Will It Work?


Back in your grandparents or great-grandparents’ day before YouTube was a memory, big studios like MGM and Paramount dominated the motion picture landscape, controlling nearly every aspect from production and talent right down to marketing and distributing the films. It worked for about 40 years, but changing tastes, bloated companies and legal troubles led to […]

NMR Exclusive: Tweak Footwear | Shoes Created By Social Media


Minutes from the beach, in a nondescript storefront in a busy small town, three guys are planning the latest release of a new shoe. I recently spoke to the Tweak Footwear team: Andrew Long, James Hotson and Chris Powell. The Hermosa Beach, California-based company stands out from others in its field; while other designers keep […]

Timothy DeLaGhetto | YouTube Personality


*WARNING: The following feature contains content that may not be safe for work.  The formula to creating a Rockstar feature is to break bread over interview questions then jump into snapping photos. That’s exactly what we followed when we caught up with Timothy DeLaGhetto. We grabbed Chinese takeout with surprisingly no MSG, fed some fish […]

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