Rain, Sleet, Snow: 4 Things YouTube Creators Must Know When Filming In Bad Weather


Say you have a great idea for a web series that involves some outdoor filming, but as much as you plan for it to go smoothly, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. Even in consistently sunny Los Angeles, the weather could always turn sour rendering a whole day of shooting ruined. Avoid Mother Nature’s cruel embrace […]

Chatroulette Be Damned: Why Every YouTube Creator Should Be Hosting Live Streams


Carving out your own niche in the world of online video can be painfully difficult. Standing out among the millions of hours of video uploaded daily requires online video creators to break out and use every tool available to them. Popular YouTubers have perfected the arts of using tags, creating thumbnails and promoting on every […]

5 Creative Ways To Use Annotations On Your Youtube Videos


YouTube creators have many ways of interacting with their audience. One important way that creators encourage audience participation is by making entertaining content. When you don’t have the content that pulls viewers to your channel, you won’t have the interaction you want. Another way of interacting with the audience that is sometimes overlooked by creators […]

5 Pieces of Wisdom For New YouTube Creators From Self-Production Gurus Dormtainment [INTERVIEW]


So you want to start a YouTube channel. You’ve got your camera, your Mac and your dreams all packed up, and you’re hitting the road to find fame and fortune! (Are you pumped yet?) With the oversaturation of streaming video channels clogging the internet, viewers are being pulled in every which direction, making it harder […]

The Art Of Branded YouTube Videos: How Creators Can Keep Sponsors & Viewers Happy


Branded YouTube videos can turn real sour real fast if creators aren’t careful. Chances are if you’ve been following any popular YouTube creator for long enough, then you have seen an example of a branded video. If you haven’t noticed it, then that YouTube creator is doing something right. The whole point of branded video […]

5 Things Independent YouTube Creators Should Know Before Filing Their Taxes


While keeping people entertained and getting views are a top priority for online video creators, another responsibility that’s sometimes overlooked is that if they’re making money, they have to give some of it to Uncle Sam. Yes, since YouTube creators make a living off of reviewing the latest viral videos or singing in their bedrooms, […]

Learn How To Start Selling Merch Straight From Your YouTube Videos


Back in October YouTube quietly announced Merch Store annotations for all partners looking to promote their merchandise straight from their videos. Since the launch in mid October, there haven’t been too many creators enabling merch annotations within their videos. Possibly looking to combat the lethargic performance of Merch Store annotations, YouTube just released a widespread […]

9 Things You Should Know About Copyright and Fair Use on YouTube


If you’re out making videos for YouTube, especially if you’re trying to monetize your content, you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities when it comes to copyright. Copyright gives creators of original works the exclusive rights to it. In some cases, you could use other people’s work in your videos without their permission; […]

3 Things Video Content Creators Must Know When Filming In Public


We showed you some videos this week of a man going around Seattle annoying the hell out of residents by filming them without their consent. Although the unknown filmmaker may have incurred the wrath of security guards, Chinese gamblers and a Scientologist, he was largely within his rights to do his filming because he did […]

5 YouTube Videos to Help Creators Learn Green Screen Basics


Green screen technology was once a luxury only accessible to film studios and serious filmmakers, but it is now less expensive and more portable than you think. For YouTube, Vimeo and other online video site creators who need a dynamic, fascinating background for their vlog or for those who want to visualize settings from the […]

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