Tobuscus Offers Up The Secrets of A Viral Video… In Song Form [VIDEO]

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Not that Toby Turner needs any help from us, but, well, we just thought you’d like to see this hot and catchy new song/video (sodeo?) “Viral Song,” released today. What stymies me is the 280 downvotes the song has (againgst the roughly 33,000 upvotes) — how much thought was put into those downvotes? Was it […]

YouTube Comedian Toby Turner Banters With His Talking Dog In New Cartoon Network Campaign


Viral comedian Toby Turner is promoting Cartoon Network’s original programming in a series of YouTube videos with his talkative dog. The Cartoon Network spots feature Turner and his talking dog Gryphon bantering each other as they poke fun at the cable channel’s series like“Adventure Time,” “Teen Titans” and “The Amazing World of Gumball.” Turner stars […]

Toby Turner Of Tobuscus Joins Maker Studios: ‘It’s an honor to be surrounded by such a great team’


YouTube mega powerhouse Toby Turner has signed with multi-channel network Maker Studios. Turner (aka Tobuscus) is the creator of three separate multi-genre channels — Tobuscus, TobyTurner and gaming channel TobyGames. Across his three comedy-driven channels, Turner has received over 2 billion views from more than 10.5 million subscribers. “It’s been my dream to join Maker […]

5 YouTube Stars Who Deserve A TV Talk Show Immediately [VIDEOS]


The beautiful thing about a popularity-based system like YouTube is that, eventually, the cream rises to the top. The best talent (or hottest person) gets recognition, and the losers all go write for online magazines. Here’s the thing though: There is talent and then there is TALENT. I’m talking about the superstars amongst the mere […]

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