YuleTube Plugin Makes Nasty YouTube Comments More Cheerful This Christmas


Christmas is less than 24 hours away, and the last thing you’d want to do is spend hours upon hours in the lower depths of Hell — also known as the YouTube comments section. If there’s anything that is the opposite of holiday cheer and jovial fun, it’s reading through the endless negative bile of […]

NHL Sends Holiday Card To Angry Hockey Fans Via Facebook, Trolling Ensues


The NHL lockout is bullshit. In case you weren’t following, NHL franchise owners have essentially canceled the season in a disgusting attempt to force their players into pseudo-serfdom. It’s greed breeding greed leaving thousands jobless and hurting without the surge of hockey fan-based revenue. Hockey fans around the world (okay, just Canada and Russia) are […]

GNAA Talks Hacking WordPress and Why They Think Anonymous Isn’t A Threat


So I recently wrote a column about the Drudge Report getting duped by the “Sandy Loot Crew” and what a pain in the ass that was for media outlets everywhere. Not exactly flattering stuff for the GNAA (Gay Nigger Association of America), the greyhat “hacktivist collective” responsible for the troll. The GNAA, whose two main […]

New Social Media Site from Twitter Founders, Branch, Aims To Cure Trolling


In this age dominated by creepy trolls and inanimate bots, meaningful Internet discussion is a distant memory. Websites like YouTube are trying to halt the flow of trolls by asking its users to post items using their real names. Other websites are preventing anonymous attacks by validating commenters through Facebook or other social media sites. […]

YouTube Extension “Herp Derp” Makes Comments Less Awful


Back in my college days, as I prepared to interview sci-fi author Harlan Ellison for a group project, I stumbled upon something he said on his website: “We are not entitled to our opinions; we are entitled to our informed opinions.” Tell that to the rest of the Internet, where opinions are truly a dime […]

Should YouTube Mistakes Haunt You Forever?


Remember the video of Karen Klein, the bus lady from New York harassed by 7th grade students last week? After receiving a flood of donations for an all-expenses-paid vacation somewhere, her daughter has called for the harassment against the boys who bullied Klein to stop. Although Klein told CNN that some of the boys were […]

Troll Throws Wrench In @Sweden Twitter Project


When organizations like Curators of Sweden talk about social media democracy, they are thinking a vibrant experiment where people are free to say what they want but have enough self-control to veer away from trolling. Curators of Sweden have used the @sweden Twitter account to bring a human face to that country to promote tourism. […]

A World Without The Comment Box


Whether you like it or not, commenting on a blog or a video is the norm in social media. Sure, the trolls are making their attacks on your favorite YouTube star or too many people are on a commenting overload to defend something you inherently dislike, but at least you know where some people stand. […]

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