‘Dumb Ways To Die’ Gets A Worthy Video Game Homage [VIDEO]


With the upbeat melodic simplicity of a 1970’s Coca Cola commercial, Megasteakman’s upload of the reboot to the web song sensation “Dumb Ways to Die” is currently the YouTube homage most in need of a sequel. In fact, I can think of at least a hundred other obnoxious video game deaths that warrant mentioning. Giving […]

Azealia Banks’ ‘Atlantis’ Is A Good Song in A Horrible Video


“Black music” has had a fascinating shift over the last 20 years — from the gangsta rap stylings of Tupac and Biggie and now into this metaphysical surrealist mire where the visuals would be more at home in an Andre Breton landscape. I blame Kanye and R. Kelly (and to a certain extent, Bootsy Collins). […]

Watch this: ‘Gangnam Style’ Prankster Ruins News Reporter’s Hurricane Coverage


The commonly accepted cycle of a trend is that it starts out, grassroots-style, amongst the “tastemakers” on the streets. It then gets adopted by celebrities recognized for being “cool.” They make the trend mainstream, and from there it trickles down to the general populace and finally fizzles a slow, hard death back on the streets […]

PBS YouTube Series Has An ‘Idea’ For You [EXCLUSIVE]


Despite Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare coming to many people’s minds when they think of literature, it also has its fair share of short-form works. For instance, the haiku is a very short form of poetry originating from Japan consisting of short amounts of syllables. Those constraints remind us of a modern day social media […]

5 Artists We Shouldn’t Make Into Holograms


“What the f**k is up Coachella!” That was how the man, the legend, the idol—Tupac Shakur’s holographic image greeted fans at Coachella last weekend (and will likely appear again this weekend as well). Now that a “resurrected” Tupac is one of the most talked about performances, people like me are also wondering which other deceased […]

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