19 Likeliest Pope Benedict XVI Tweets From His Holiness’ New Twitter Account


Eliciting the phrase, “Now-a that’s-a spicy a-meatball,” the Pope is coming to Twitter!!! Pope Benedict XVI (shocking update: that’s not his real name) has announced that he will soon be starting a Twitter account. Unfortunately, tweeting that you now have a Twitter account is the only reason to have a Twitter account, and the Pope, […]

Twitter News: Improved ‘Discover’ Feature to Continuously Stream Relevant Tweets to Users


Twitter is really beginning to look a lot like Facebook. Not only did the microblogging site introduce a “header photo” for all users a couple of weeks ago, but starting today, they’ve improved their “Discover” feature to show users “what’s happening now, tailored for you” through a constant stream of relevant tweets. Twitter introduced the […]

‘This Seat’s Taken’: Top 12 Tweets on Clint Eastwood’s Conversation with an Empty Chair


Before Mitt Romney made “the most important speech” of his political career at the Republican National Convention last night, legendary spaghetti western actor Clint Eastwood warmed up the crowd. You would think that he would do the straight talk and tear up President Obama’s record over the last three and a half years. Instead, he […]

Twitter on the Rise: Tweeting to Build Your Brand


This week, Palo Alto Network released a study on the Internet traffic of various corporations and found that Twitter use at work is on the rise. According to the Huffingtonpost.com, the study found that workday Twitter use had increased from 11% in 2011 to 21% this year . After analyzing reports from more than 2,000 […]

140 Characters & More: Twitter Announces Expanded Tweets


Ever wish that you could preview more content, video, and images in others’ tweets before following their links to the full thing? Well, you’ve got your wish. Sort of. In a move widely seen to be a push for Twitter users to stay on the Twitter website longer, the microblogging company announced on their blog […]

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