‘Geography of Hate’ Heat Map Shows Where Most Racist and Homophobic Tweeters Are


Geography students at California’s Humboldt State University have created a heat map that pinpoints where the most “hateful” people on Twitter live. The students compiled more than 150,000 geotagged tweets from June 2012 to April of this year that contained one of many words that were deemed racist, homophobic or anti-disability. They read through every […]

Twitter Will Outlive The New York Times, Says PayPal Co-Founder: Is He Right? [OPINION]


During a panel discussion at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills this week, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel came out with a bold claim: Twitter’s 1,000-plus employees will have jobs a decade from now while The New York Times’ employees should watch out for more pink slips in the future. While CNNMoney didn’t go […]

Prankster Remi Gaillard Returns to YouTube As Twitter Bird Following People [VIDEO]


French prankster Remi Gaillard is known for his very dangerous and absurd stunts, with his real life “Mario Kart” prank getting more than 52 million views on YouTube. However, Gaillard took a three-month leave from YouTube earlier this year because he was filming a movie. Now he’s back from his sabbatical, and the French prankster […]

Comedy Central Hosts First Ever #Comedyfest Twitter Festival


Comedy Central is stepping outside the cable box and into your Twitter and Vine feeds. The cable channel is launching its first comedy festival that uses the microblogging site as well as its relatively new six-second video-sharing app. The New York Times reported that #ComedyFest will take place over five days starting April 29, where […]

Amanda Bynes Tweets Viral Sex Offer to Drake — Get You Some, Boy!


Amanda Bynes is undergoing a public “metamorphosis.” She was a sweet gentle caterpillar type who made pleasant films for big-eyed romance-loving cheeseball “tweens.” Now, she’s a skank. But here’s the thing: I mad dig it. I think it’s no secret that I go over in a big way for trashy women, so when I see […]

Happy 7th Birthday, Twitter! #SomebodyBuyACake [VIDEO]


  I think Twitter was afraid no one would remember their birthday so they had to post a self-important video. Don’t worry, Twitter, we remembered (well, we didn’t, but someone else did … and, well, the important thing is that we got you a gift … which we totally forgot at home …) March 21st, […]

Netflix Tattoo Earns Genius Year of Free Netflix


I think people who get outraged or shake their heads over stories like this either A.) don’t understand the concept of a good story, or B.) aren’t human trash.Twitter user @TheRealMyron, or Myron Robertson (if you don’t habla Twitter handles), is apparently so dedicated to his Netflix account that he tattooed the Netflix logo on […]

Twitter Pulls The Plug On TweetDeck’s Mobile Apps, Facebook Integration


Twitter is pulling the plug on the TweetDeck’s mobile and desktop apps to concentrate their efforts on their web and Chrome apps, TweetDeck announced today in a blog post. TweetDeck, which was acquired by Twitter in 2011, also announced that it is cutting off Facebook integration, in line with Twitter’s current policy of taking more […]

Justin Bieber Retweets Teenage Fan, True Beliebers Threaten To Kill Her


I’ve always dreamt of the day when Justin Bieber would turn his heavenly gaze upon my undeserving Twitter account and bestow the greatest gift a teenage girl like myself could ever receive — an honest to goodness retweet. It would be the sweetest of ambrosias … that is until the death threats started rolling in. […]

Twitter Reduces Some Tweet Lengths From 140 to 117 (Still Enough for This Title — SCORE!)


Twitter has announced that as of today it will be making some tough cuts when it comes to sharing URLs by reducing the available space to 117 characters. That’s 23 less characters for Khloe Kardashian to yell at people for calling her fat and 23 less characters for Justin Bieber to defend his love of marijuana. […]

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