YouTube Strips Billions of Views From Bieber, Minaj and Others in Apparently Yearly Tradition


Apparently if YouTube gets their way, December will become known for Christmas, Hanukkah and fake view deletions. Revisiting a practice that caused widespread astonishment last year, YouTube has pulled out their digital broom and cleaned house once again in what looks to be a new tradition of sorts. Last year, Universal music and Lady Gaga […]

Fullscreen Opens Universal Music Library To Its Artists


In February, Universal Music Publishing Group announced a partnership with the two biggest YouTube networks — Maker Studios and Fullscreen — that grants them immediate access to the company’s extensive library. Since soundtracks and covering songs are essential on YouTube, this was a very significant coup for both networks. Today, Fullscreen announced in a blog […]

YouTube Signs Licensing Deal With Universal and SACEM


YouTube’s transformation from a simple video-sharing site to an entertainment powerhouse has been reaffirmed with a licensing deal that would make them a legitimate factor in music popularity as well as a music distributor. Music Week reported that Universal Music Publishing and France’s Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM) reached a deal […]

YouTube Strips Lady Gaga Of Over 176 Million Views — Is She A ‘Monster?’ Ugh


Last week, The Daily Dot reported that YouTube had cut over 176 million views from the official Lady Gaga Vevo YouTube channel. The massive view reduction occurred on January 20, just one month after YouTube stripped over 2 billion views from channels belonging to Sony/BMG, RCA and Universal Music Group. In an interview with Billboard, […]

YouTube and VEVO’s Partnership Is On The Rocks — Do They Really Need Each Other?


With the contract between YouTube and music video distributor VEVO officially expired, the possibility of the two companies parting ways is more plausible than ever. It’s reported that VEVO is seeking a larger ad revenue share from YouTube, which is currently somewhere between 51% and 75% with a 10% sales commission taken off the top. […]

Sony, Universal and RCA Collectively Lose 2 Billion YouTube Views — Did They Buy Automated Traffic?


YouTube is cleaning house. According to The DailyDot, Google recently removed more than 2 billion views from YouTube channels run by Sony/BMG, RCA Records, and Universal Music Group. Statistics at SocialBlade verify the channel’s catastrophic blow showing Sony/BMG losing 851,488,973 views, leaving it with around 2.3 million total views. Universal Music Group also lost over […]

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