Facebook Tests Newly Revamped Timeline Layout In New Zealand


Facebook users will see their timelines tweaked a little bit differently in the near future. According to The Next Web, the social media site is testing out their new timeline in New Zealand, which includes a single column in the middle for status updates and a “like” button that would encourage more people to notice […]

YouTube To Improve Its ‘Guide’ Feature In Upcoming Interface Update


YouTube’s latest interface update will make sure you never forget to watch the latest uploads from your favorite creators again. The video-streaming site lets viewers keep track of their subscriptions through their Guide feature, which lists their favorite channels. Since YouTube added the Guide last year in beta, the number of new channel subscriptions per […]

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About YouTube’s Biggest Layout Changes


Unless you’ve been out in the middle of the woods battling feral wolves à la Liam Neeson, chances are you have probably discovered that YouTube shook things up recently. Launching their brand new layout yesterday, YouTube has totally redesigned the overall layout and flow of their site. We’ve heard from dozens of viewers and creators, […]

Twitter Developing Its Own Video-Hosting Service?


Twitter is considering creating video-hosting capabilities so that its users can upload their videos directly to the site, according to All Things Digital. This means that Twitter users will no longer need to use third-party applications such as TwitVid and yFrog. If Twitter goes through with creating their own video-hosting technology, third-party video applications could […]

YouTube Update: New Performance Reports Create More Views


Another week, another YouTube update. As part of their bi-weekly product bulletin campaign, YouTube has recently released a post detailing every relevant and site-altering change for all of you creators out there. This month’s update explains the launch of the creator dashboard as well as the YouTube offsite partner promotion launch in Germany, France, Italy, […]

YouTube Round-Up: R.I.P Google Video, #SDCC, And Next Creator


At a cursory glance, YouTube updates for this week have been pretty slow. A news search for “YouTube” essentially yields 100 articles about a farming parody of a LMFAO song, which is in itself is a parody of everything that is good and fair in this world. As completely mundane as most articles on YouTube […]

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