Chatroulette Be Damned: Why Every YouTube Creator Should Be Hosting Live Streams


Carving out your own niche in the world of online video can be painfully difficult. Standing out among the millions of hours of video uploaded daily requires online video creators to break out and use every tool available to them. Popular YouTubers have perfected the arts of using tags, creating thumbnails and promoting on every […]

YouTube Creators: VOKLE Lets You Meet & Connect With Fans In Real Time


I type out the question “What’s Your Favorite Color?” and press send. “Now I broadcast your question,” Shant Kiraz, Content Director for Vokle tells me over the live streaming screen he appears on. Suddenly, my question pops up next to Kiraz for everyone else watching the live stream to see. “Now I can say, ‘Hello Matt, […]

New Stream on the Block: Kondoot ‘Social Live Video’


There’s a new live streaming kid on the block, and he really wants to make some new friends. Kondoot — a play on the word Conduit — is looking to fill the gap between social networking sites like Facebook and live broadcast-focused sites like Ustream. Kondoot is still a wee little baby compared to similar […]

How to Leverage Live Streaming For Fan Engagement (and Prosper) on YouTube


Live Stream and Prosper It’s no secret (unless you haven’t been reading our weekly features with YouTube’s top talent) that audience interaction and maintaining a strong connection to your fans via social media is a key element to any successful YouTube channel. Shay Carl wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for his […]

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