A Day in the Life of Smosh: Ian & Anthony at Vidcon 2013 & Meeting their Top Indiegogo Donor Superfan [NMR VIDEO DOCUMENTARY]


On the second floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, tucked away from mobs of VidCon fans, Ian and Anthony of Smosh are met by a surprisingly quiet room. Professional, yet personable, the dynamic duo seemed relieved by their hushed reception, grateful to be away from the screaming mobs they’ve spent the last 12 hours immersed […]

NMR YouTube Friends Jake Coco, Jack Vale, Tyler Ward, Magic of Rahat, More at Vidcon 2013 [VIDEO INTERVIEW]


VidCon isn’t just an event where the latest web series get premiered and fans wait for hours to get an autograph, it’s also a place where NMR catches up with YouTubers we’ve covered before. We caught up with  Corey Gray, Jack Vale, Jake Coco, Tyler Ward, Devin Supertramp and Magic of Rahat as they share their thoughts about this year’s VidCon […]

Tiffany Alvord, Max Schneider, MysteryGuitarMan & More Share Their Favorite Moments Of VidCon 2013 [VIDEO INTERVIEW]


They had waited for hours to meet their favorite creators, and standing among these avid internet fans on the floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, it was impossible not to be overwhelmed by their energy and general love for the YouTube platform. Behind the scenes, YouTubers such as Tiffany Alvord and Max Schneider were equally […]

The Collective Digital Studio VidCon Creator Celebration Party: The Photos [GALLERY]


Last week, multi-channel network Collective Digital Studio hosted their VidCon party in conjunction with NewMediaRockstars at the House of Blues Anaheim featuring popular YouTubers like Epic Meal Time, Lucas Cruikshank, Rhett and Link and many more. See the fun photos from the CDS party below. Photos by Daniel Nguyen. You may also like: YouTube Creators, […]

YouTube Creators, The More We Love You, The Further You Have To Push Us Away [OPINION]


It happened like this: Benny and Rafi Fine stepped out of the Anaheim Convention Center and were met by a single tentative fan. They posed for pictures, signed shirts, then they made it about 10 feet before another fan approached, then another, then another, then another. An hour later, and Benny and Rafi are presiding […]

3 Tips For Creating Brain-Meltingly Good YouTube Thumbnails From Cartoon Hangover’s Matt Gielen


Matt Gielen has a rad job. At a VidCon 2013 roundtable panel simply titled “Audience Development,” Gielen told us all about his job as director of audience development at Frederator Studios. He told us how to increase our views and subscriber numbers, then he talked about working with the amazing animated web show “Bravest Warriors” […]

5 Superstar Party Lessons NMR Learned At The Collective 2013 VidCon Party


NMR recently co-hosted a 2013 VidCon party with The Collective and — though we did sweat on people and there was talk about cat videos — we kept our ultimate cool as we mingled among YouTube talents such as Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Lucas Cruikshank and Harley Morenstein. We drank, danced, enjoyed delicious sliders, and […]

Subblime Founder and WhatsupElle Advise YouTubers On How To Take Their Fan Interaction To The Next Level [INTERVIEW]


Created in late 2012, Subblime has become a notable platform where YouTubers can share with fans information about the creators’ favorite products, clothing brands and stores. With a similar appearance to Pinterest, Subblime allows YouTube creators to make accounts where they organize photos and information under different folders. The platform was founded by entrepreneur Adam […]

Financial Advisor to YouTubers Talks Online Video’s Future, How Creators Can Make Their Content More Lucrative [INTERVIEW]


VidCon is the world’s largest online video conference not only because it’s an event where YouTube’s biggest fans gather and meet their favorite creators, but also because it provides a venue where people connected to the online video industry can seek talent and gather new ideas. Mike Bienstock, CEO of Semaphore Financial Solutions, sees VidCon […]

5 Things A Newbie Learned At VidCon 2013: Day 2


Like any good sequel, by Saturday at VidCon 2013, the body count is higher, the awesomeness is a bit more awesome and the kinks have been worked out that much better. By Saturday, I was ready for the crowds, the parking considerations and had a much sharper comprehension of the layout. Whereas Friday was a […]

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