Smosh Visits Ray William Johnson For A YouTube SUPERVIDEO [VIDEO]


It’s good to see competitive people can still be friendly. Smosh, the newly minted number one most-subscribed creators on YouTube, and Ray William Johnson, the former number one — now strong number two (teehee) — have teamed up to make a video for Johnson’s EQUALS 3 channel. And each camp lets the other know just […]

Dailymotion Adds Major News Sources Al-Jazeera, The Daily Telegraph, Vice, More


Some of the world’s most prominent news outlets are setting up shop with Dailymotion by creating original channels for the video-sharing site. Al-Jazeera, The Daily Telegraph, Russia Today and Vice are some of the names that will be uploading content to Dailymotion, reports IP&TV News. All of them have a strong presence on YouTube and […]

5 YouTube Videos To Help You Crush Your Enemies On Black Friday


Black Friday is almost upon us people. If you’re one of those “I’ll just shop online” hippies, I say, “great!” More flat screen TVs and bargain VHS copies of “Cobra” for the rest of us red-blooded Americans. Like any great American pastime involving the gorging of one’s face with food followed by emotionally fragile settings […]

YouTube’s Elections Hub Channel Wants Your Election Day Videos


What if you could document your Election Day experiences that the mainstream media has yet to explore? On YouTube’s latest blog post, the video-sharing site is encouraging users to document Election Day as it happens where they live. This is all a part of YouTube’s efforts to bring a more personal element to the overall […]

5 YouTube Videos To Watch With The Lights On


This is a tricky article for me to write because the Internet and YouTube have ruined ghosts for me. I want to believe in the supernatural, and yet, at no time since the invention of the video camera has anyone ever uploaded compelling or believable ghost footage anywhere. The video camera has been around since […]

The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: The Ultimate Fan Film Gets The Ultimate Sequel


A long time ago… In a galaxy far, far away… These perhaps are the most awesomely beloved and most recognized opening lines to anything since, “Four score and seven years ago….” Of course, Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address never had a bitchin’ online fan film made about him — correction: TWO fan films. The […]

Vimeo’s Weekend Project Group Wants Your Summer Videos


Have a cool 4th of July vacation video that you shot with your awesome camera? Vimeo wants you to share it. The guys over at the video-sharing website want you to submit your best summer video as part of its Weekend Project Group contest series. Whether it’s a vacation segment or that 15-second fireworks show […]

YouTube’s Facelift… to look more like Google+?


YouTube’s got a new look. Some visitors to the site have been able to peep the new redesign that YouTube’s experimenting with–a minimalistic layout that incorporates more white space. The last YouTube design update was in December, when the middle feed of videos and sidebar with social media integration was added for a more immersive, […]

YouTube Celebrates 7 Candles


Light some candles for YouTube, because they just celebrated its official 7th birthday Sunday. Since launching the video sharing site in 2005, our water cooler conversations have never been the same and revolutionized how we kill time inside the office by watching new viral videos. So hooray for that! Over the years, as viewership blew […]

4 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Skills


You already have a good social media network to publish and promote your latest skit or original/cover song. However, you may not be satisfied with your final product. Maybe you’re looking for more visuals or just need to know how to make better videos overall. While some of the greatest indicators of YouTube success are […]

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