Stan Lee Sends Personalized YouTube Message To Shooting Victim — Excelsior!


Stan “The Man” Lee is a magical human being. Recently, after Lee discovered that a victim of the Taft Union High School shooting was a Marvel Comics fan, the 90-year-old comic legend created a “Stan Lee” YouTube account (Really, that name wasn’t taken yet?) and recorded a personalized message for the fan, Bowe Cleveland. In […]

Explore The Best Viral Videos Of 2012 With YouTube’s Interactive Video Compilation

YT Rewind

Leave it to Google to take something easy and make it easier. God forbid YouTube just list the top videos of the year in a quick blog post. No, that would be too simple. We are dealing with YouTube and by proxy Google; a simple list will not cut it. Instead, the mad scientists over […]

Husky ‘Talking’ To Baby Doesn’t Deliver On Content For Time Invested [VIDEO]


Maybe I’ve become spoiled by web pornography, but any time I see that a video on YouTube has a long run time now, I’m expecting to see a sweet payoff at the end. Maybe not a “pop shot” as its known in the perverted arts, but at least a little “thank you” for sticking around. Now, […]

It Happend One ‘Friday’: How Rebecca Black Influenced This Year’s Most Viral Videos


2012 has been an incredible year for viral online video. A retrospective of 2012’s most successful videos tells a story of two very related running themes. The first, as the success of “KONY 2012” proved, was a web audience’s desire to shake off the previous year’s thick coating of cynicism for something more honest and […]

Why Video Responses Are Cheapening YouTube & Hurting Creators


There are few things that suck harder than people trying to turn a profit from riding the coattails of more successful people. We’re talking the brother who sells his movie star sister’s hair brush online, the children of basically every hotel magnate – the dregs of society. YouTube has its own version of this phenomenon […]

YouTube Crazy People: ‘I Know The Vacuum Cleaner Man, He’s Seen My Tits’


Ah, local news segments, you’ve really brought us the crème de la crème of real people who are more or less crazier than a pigeon in a Saltine factory. You’ve graced us with the immortal wisdom of Sweet Brown who would eventually go on to teach America’s children about efficient time management. Also, who can […]

Sparkles, Unicorns & Rainbows: Facebook Viral Video Asks ‘What If Money Didn’t Matter?’


There is a new viral video in town, and it’s gaining popularity on Facebook of all places. No, people watching a Facebook video isn’t the news item, although it is pretty shocking. The questionably-punctuated video, “What if Money didn’t matter” has garnered over 22,000 likes and 195,000 shares. With a title like that it won’t […]

Watch This: Man Raps Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’ In ‘Family Guy’ Voices

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 9.09.06 AM

What could turn Chris Brown’s obnoxious “Look at Me Now” song into something that is more tolerable and perhaps even enjoyable? Paul Vlahos, a voice actor by day, has a collection of uploaded videos of himself doing”Family Guy” voices on his YouTube channel. His most recent video that is taking on a viral nature features himself […]

Watch This: YouTube Haiku Mashup is Sweet Nectar from the Internet Gods


Hello rabid, dedicated fans of mine. It’s your boy DJ Drewster here, and I’m back with some more sweet nectar from the internet gods. I recently came across something that just .. described the Internet so well. “YouTube Haiku – Compilation #1,” is aptly named with its poetic editing of some of the Internet’s most […]

The Top 10 Viral Video Brands – Red Bull Ranks #1 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Goviral, a leading distributor in branding entertainment content, recently did a study ranking the top 100 brands dominating the viral video industry. Surprisingly, Red Bull came out on top followed by powerhouse corporations like Google and Disney. I reached out to my friend Brendan Gahan at Mekanism for some insight on why Red Bull has […]

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