UCLA Study Maps Out Which Part of the Brain Makes Content Viral


What makes a video or a meme go viral? UCLA researchers may have found out what keeps viewers flocking to certain types of content. They’ve discovered certain brain regions are associated with “buzz,” or the successful spread of ideas, in its study “Creating Buzz: The Neural Correlates of Effective Message Propogation” published in this month’s […]

UK Viral Video Marketing Firm Unruly Acquires German Ad Platform Shareifyoulike


British viral video marketing firm Unruly has announced that they have acquired German viral video marketing firm Shareifyoulike, according to Reuters. Both companies are known for creating viral campaigns with brands and advertisers that encompass social media and online video. London-based Unruly has been working with brands to predict the social media impact of their […]

World’s Worst Parking Job Now On YouTube (Insert Lame Joke About Lady Drivers) [VIDEO]


I learned a few things about myself while watching the above video, which the internet has gone ahead and classified officially as code red, burning hot, totally viral. The first is this: I’m not crazy about Irish accents. This is a problem because the aforementioned video of a young woman trying hopelessly to parallel park […]

5 Things Every Creator Should Know About Making Their Videos Go ‘Viral’


Out of every dozen or so “Harlem Shake”  YouTube videos, a couple of those will be from big-name production studios and brands that are attempting to add their own flair to the meme-of-the-day. While their efforts could very well net hundreds of thousands of views, very few people would consider their content “viral.” Why? A “viral” video […]

5 Creative Ways To Use Annotations On Your Youtube Videos


YouTube creators have many ways of interacting with their audience. One important way that creators encourage audience participation is by making entertaining content. When you don’t have the content that pulls viewers to your channel, you won’t have the interaction you want. Another way of interacting with the audience that is sometimes overlooked by creators […]

Justin Bieber Returns To YouTube Roots, Drops Acoustic Video On Channel’s 6th Birthday


Six years ago, a 12-year-old kid from Stratford, Ontario entered his school’s singing contest and performed Ne-Yo’s ballad “So Sick.” Not only was the crowd floored by this singing sensation, but so were the five million other people who viewed the recording on the kid’s YouTube page. Little did young Justin Bieber know he would […]

Bad Lip Reading’s YouTube Channel Celebrates Their 1 Millionth Subscriber [EXCLUSIVE]


At a recent football game, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson got excited when one of the interviewers had an “orange peanut” for him. He said: “An orange peanut? For me? Wow! An orange peanut? I accept you.” I’m kidding, that never happened. I don’t think anyone recalls Peterson asking for an orange peanut, though […]

Brutally ‘Honest’ Cover Letter To Wall Street Firm Goes Viral, Nets Job Offers


If there’s anything more critical than polishing your resume, it’s writing that cover letter to your potential employer. Apparently, one aspiring banker has found the right way to write a cover letter by deciding to be more frank than the many other finance students vying for the same internship. He’s not harping on why he’s […]

Two Girls’ Puppy Wish Goes Viral on Facebook — Take That, Dad!


So I clicked on “2 Girls and a Puppy” expecting … well, don’t worry about what I was expecting, but this was something totally different. But also heartwarming.Turns out these two young girls had their family dog pass away from cancer last year (this hurts my soul — people spending good money to have their […]

4 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic and Followers on Your Tumblr


In case you didn’t know, a recent study pointed out that teenagers and young adults prefer Tumblr over Facebook. It’s no wonder that some of the most memorable memes of last year have been helped by the tastemakers on the rapidly-growing microblogging site. And unless you have the next cat meme on your Tumblr, you […]

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