‘Armed Response’ is Break Media’s Explosive New Web Action Series [INTERVIEW]


“Armed Response” is, hands-down, the coolest new web series debuting today. Like, literally today. Taking place at the Port of Long Beach and dealing with a team of Homeland Security-type agents trying to stop the influx of narcotics, the series is shot entirely first-person through helmet cams and “security footage,” so you know we aren’t […]

Red Bull Web Series ‘Exit Vine’ Director on Letting Viewers Choose The Plot [INTERVIEW]


Red Bull may be known for its energy drinks and and sponsorship of daredevils like Felix Baumgartner in breaking world records, but they’ve also branched into online video by launching the first YouTube sports channel as well their own music channel. Now Red Bull Media is launching its own scripted web series “Exit Vine.” The […]

Red Bull Launches First Scripted YouTube Series, “Exit Vine”


Red Bull Media House will debut a new web series about the Hollywood dream titled “Exit Vine” this Monday on their YouTube channel. “Exit Vine” follows a singer-songwriter named Natalie Lake who moves from Ames, Iowa to find stardom in a Los Angeles rock band. In the trailer for the upcoming web series, Natalie, portrayed […]

Bad Lip Reading’s YouTube Channel Celebrates Their 1 Millionth Subscriber [EXCLUSIVE]


At a recent football game, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson got excited when one of the interviewers had an “orange peanut” for him. He said: “An orange peanut? For me? Wow! An orange peanut? I accept you.” I’m kidding, that never happened. I don’t think anyone recalls Peterson asking for an orange peanut, though […]

New Snoop Lion-Produced Web Series ‘NOISEY JAMAICA’ Follows Dancehall, Reggae Culture


In his more than 20 years in the limelight, Snoop Dogg has transformed from gangsta rapper representing Long Beach to a Top 40 superstar living the good life. Last year, he had an “epiphany” and told his fans that from then on, his name would be Snoop Lion and that he would make dancehall and […]

Celebrate Cody Simpson’s Web Show ‘The Paradise Series’ By Throwing Up Into A Kangaroo’s Pouch


For all of you teenage girls and maladjusted adults out there, good news dropped this week as Australian heartthrob Cody Simpson unveiled his new original web series “The Paradise Series.” The series, which launched Tuesday, January 15, follows the Aussie pop singer while on tour and through his day-to-day life — it’s a big deal, […]

‘Community’s’ Inspector Spacetime, Travis Richey On His ‘Dr. Who’ Parody & Signing To A YouTube Network


Okay, so there is a backstory here, and I have to warn you, it gets a little meta. Just as NBC’s sitcom “Community” was transitioning into a morass of delayed premieres and staff unrest, the writers of the show introduced something called “Inspector Spacetime.” An obvious parody of the much beloved sci-fi series “Dr. Who,” […]

‘Booze, Balls and Blood’: NMR Chats With the Creators of YouTube Animated Series ‘Scottish Ninjas’ [INTERVIEW]


Do ninjas exist in Scotland? Probably not, but Rob Mullin and Beau Obremski bring that eccentric idea to life in the hilarious new YouTube series “Scottish Ninjas.” The show follows Aidan, Lachlan and Finn as their Drunken Master sends them to America “to find their place in the world.” The Drunken Master, who is possessed […]

‘Beat Girl’ Web Series Director Takes Novel Approach and Uses Pinterest for Video Uploads [INTERVIEW]


One Pinterest-filled afternoon as I was pinning away my favorite outfits to the folders on my account, I randomly stumbled upon the “Beat Girl” web diaries. After an overload of inspirational quotes, puppy pictures and tattoo designs, this series jumped from the page with its mood boards filled with videos rather than photos. Videos on […]

Gregory Gorgeous Talks ‘The Avenue’ Season 2 & Reality TV On YouTube [INTERVIEW]


If you haven’t seen season 1 of YouTube original series “The Avenue,” let me break it down to you like this: Mix a little of HBO’s “Girls” with MTV’s “The Hills” then sprinkle it all with the LGBT flare of YouTube vlogger Gregory Gorgeous, and presto, you’ve got “The Avenue.” As a semi-scripted reality television, […]

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