Google+: Does Anyone Use It?


While Facebook and Twitter has its users engaged constantly, the new kid on the block—Google+–is still struggling to shed its “ghost town” image. We told you a while back that Google+ clocked in at a mere 3 minutes per visitor monthly and for something that has been force-fed to millions of Google users that search […]

NMR Exclusive: Bite Me Director Jarrett Conaway


By now, episode eight of Machinima and Liongate’s original zombie comedy series, Bite Me, has made its way, slack-jawed and hungry for human flesh, to computer and television screens everywhere. Already on its second season, the series has been pivotal in helping Machinima branch off into the realm of long form Web episodes. We sat […]

Starting Points: The Colorful Web


Hey Rockstars, I hope you’re enjoying your Easter Sunday! Anyway, it’s that time again. Starting Points is where you can talk, vent, rage, praise or worship anything about social media in our articles this week or anything you find fascinating that we should discuss. Still stuck on ideas? We got you.We all know that Easter […]

CNN Wants To Buy Mashable: Why They Should Say NO


The big story in the social media world is CNN’s rumored plans to purchase the news site Mashable for, get this–$200 million. Believe us, we’d be interested if our work gets noticed by such big names with big money—emphasis on interested. Although the headlines are suggesting that possibility, Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable, has […]

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