YouTube’s Bad Lip Reading: ‘It’s a Wonderful Time to be a Content Creator’ [INTERVIEW]


Try and guess which song has these lyrics: “Why don’t y’all just float off, now you’re useless/I need a woman with a Benz looking to lose it/I ate the cookie then I gave it back to Benny/There she go, now watch me flow.” Still haven’t deciphered it yet? It’s obviously Michael Buble’s song “I Just […]

5 Most Majorly Epic YouTube Heckler Shut Down Videos


1. Michael Richards’ Career-Ending Show It’s not hilarious, but it is a teachable moment in how not to handle hecklers. The former “Seinfeld” actor thought he could make a comeback on the stand-up stage in 2006, but a heckler pretty much quashed those dreams. Instead of ignoring it or coming back with a witty joke, […]

Is YouTube Bad for Stand-Up Comedy? Chris Rock Thinks So [VIDEO]


A potential enemy to comedians is lurking in comedy clubs and possibly threatening the livelihoods of stand-up comedians. No, it is not the drunk heckler yelling obscenities or the dead, awkward silence after an awful joke. It’s the smartphone, and since the dawn of YouTube it has caught comedians doing everything from making awful stolen […]

New YouTube Official Comedy Channel Needs More Laughter


YouTube is hoping that their original comedy channel will make you laugh with their  showcase of A to B-list comedians (and not independent YouTube ones). YouTube debuted the Official Comedy channel to showcase its best in funny, with the likes of Christian Finnegan deciphering how “You’re An A-Hole” to a panel of comedians discussing “Jokes […]

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