YouTube Unveils Comments Management Page

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When YouTube switched over to its current, much-maligned Google+ commenting system, they also did away with creators’ ability to manage all their videos’ comments through their YouTube inboxes. Today, YouTube launched a new comments management page aimed at making up for the loss. YouTube creators can now see, reply to and moderate all their comments […]

YouTube Has An Increase In Spam After Controversial Changes to Comment Section


So all the social media pages in the major rags have noted today that YouTube is actually receiving more spam in the aftermath of its “anti-spam” update to the YouTube comments section. And naturally, there is a sardonic sort of glee to their comments a sort of “oh ho ho — this foolhardy endeavour has […]

Adblock Plus Unveils YouTube Customizer that Blocks All Your Biggest Annoyances (Including Google+)


Adblock Plus is helping YouTube users in their fight against the recent comments system change that requires users to log in to Google+ to comment. The browser extension company wrote on its blog this morning that they’d heard the hundreds of thousands who have been campaigning against the changes “loud and clear” and thus developed […]

Conan O’ Brien Praises YouTube Comments System Changes, LOL’ed At By Audience Members [VIDEO]


Late night talk show host Conan O’ Brien ran a bit recently wherein he praised YouTube’s commenting system changes only to be interrupted by “audience” members who weighed in with their own online video-style commentary. Check out the video above and be ready to, as one of Conan’s audience members comments, “ROTFLMAO. Smiley face and […]

Meet Bob: The Latest Soldier In The War Against YouTube Comments


If you’ve been reading YouTube comments lately, then there’s a good chance you already know Bob. Bob is a simple stick figure icon the haters of YouTube’s new Google+ comment integration system have recruited to combat anti-anonymity. And yet, Bob’s been fighting this sort of battle for a while now. According to KnowYourMeme, Bob first […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Pros and Cons of the New YouTube Comment System


Okay, so you’re not in love with the new YouTube comment system so far — or, at the very least, you haven’t heard much good about it. And in this digital Wild West, it’s easy to get swayed by the gossip. A lot of people have jumped on the hate bandwagon without really taking an […]

Redditors Get ‘Pissed’ About YouTube/Google+ Integration — Like It Matters


We as a society need to come up with a term for the inevitable fake outrage that accompanies every change and program format differentiation these days. It’s that sort of dialed-in Berkeley-esque response whenever something appears to contradict our immediate mood. In this digital age, whenever something begins programming differently than to the style with […]

YouTube Co-Founder: ‘Why the F*ck Do I Need a Google+ Account to Comment’


In covering YouTube’s new comment system changes, we wrote recently,  “Trolls are an inevitability though …” A reader then posted the comment: “This article must be written by a Google schill [sic].” Eerie. Well, a very expected Google “schill,” in the form of YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim (or someone in control of his account), posted his very […]

YouTube Hunts Trolls With Updates To Comment Section


If you’ve been anywhere near YouTube in the last day, you’ve doubtlessly noticed it’s been acting a little funny. A pop-up screen appears, blocking the comments from you (mostly) and informs you that YouTube has been making a few changes. Those changes are in the form of three simple functions: 1. Comments you care about […]

‘Sad Youtube’ Captures Strangers’ Personal, Powerful & Painful Comments


It is striking to realize how strongly our memories of love and loss are tied into songs and music. I remember driving down the 5 Freeway with my two cousins the day after our uncle had been killed from dating violence. We had all taken the day off of school and, though told not to […]

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