YouTube Creator Playbooks Now Available For Specific Genres, i.e. Music, Sports, Education


So the YouTube Gods apparently are listening … unlike real God who doesn’t seem to care that I want a sweet new Huffy bike with shocks and maybe a mini flag. Just announced via the YouTube Creator blog, the company has put out a series of guides with tailored tips to your style of video. […]

Understanding The YouTube Creator Playbook Part 3: Channel Optimization


It’s been a minute since we released a YouTube Creator Playbook breakdown, but with the new channel design hot on the scene, now seems like the right time to talk about channel optimization. While not the most glamorous of YouTube’s features, channel optimization is one of the first, and most important steps in getting eyes […]

Improve Your Music Channel: YouTube Puts Out ‘Creator Playbook For Musicians’


Whenever new technology pops up, a small number of early adopters get in and achieve success before that loophole gets very, very narrow. YouTube, in its infancy, bred several important new musical acts, including Justin Bieber, but now the platform is oversaturated with voices all looking to bust out. Why, there is a good chance […]

Understanding The YouTube Creator Playbook Part 2: Metadata and Descriptions


Last week, in our endless quest to crack the mysteries of YouTube’s Creator Playbook, we began breaking down the “Metadata” section piece by piece, starting with the simple yet elusive perfect title. Diving even deeper into the depths of video metadata, this week we’ll be tackling a crucial YouTube metadata component – descriptions. A video’s […]

Understanding The YouTube Creator Playbook Part 1: Metadata and Titles


Back in November, YouTube released an updated “Creator Playbook,” which essentially detailed every tip and trick creators could use to improve their channels. Although the playbook was thoroughly constructed, very few creators jumped for joy over its arrival. The playbook was simply too difficult to get through for most creators.  When embarking on a career […]

The YouTube Creator Playbook Explained…By A Wizard [INFOGRAPHIC]


The YouTube Creator Playbook is like a secret manuscript of magic spells handed down from YouTube star to YouTube star. The YCP is filled to the brim with alchemic recipes that will aide you in your quest through the mystical world of YouTube and help conjure up from the nether an army of devoted viewers. […]

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